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2011-01-14 00:00:00.0 CSR

The Advantest Group donated used PET bottle caps during two campaigns held in April and December 2010.

The purpose of these campaigns was to provide children in need around the world with the polio vaccine by collecting used PET bottle caps. The Advantest Group has been participating in this campaign since 2007.

The PET bottle caps collected in our company are sold to a recycling vendor through the Ecocap Movement (ECOCAP), a non-profit organization (NPO). All proceeds from the sales are donated to the Japan Committee for Vaccines for the World's Children (JCV), an NPO, which purchases the polio vaccine to save children's lives.

During the campaigns this time, nearly 345,000 PET bottle caps were collected within the Group. This will allow us to purchase the polio vaccine for 430 children. It should be also noted that, if these PET bottles had been disposed by incineration, 2.7 tons of CO2 would have been generated. These donation campaigns of the caps, therefore, contribute not only to our society but also to our environment.

The Advantest Group hopes to continue its social and environmental contribution campaigns, which all our employees can participate, in the future.

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