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2010-07-30 00:00:00.0 CSR

The Advantest Group held corporate events as part of its environmental education during the Environment Month in June this year.

In the first round of the events, the Group held environmental exhibitions at its four plants in Japan. Panels were exhibited during these exhibitions to introduce the Advantest Group's efforts to develop green products, promote energy saving activities, etc. Compost made of food scraps generated in our company's cafeterias and plant seeds were given out to our employees during these exhibitions. The participating employees were also asked to write their messages on environment such as what their goals on the environmental activities were and what they tried to achieve in their daily lives. We collected a total of 396 messages during this event.

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The second round of the events was the Second Environmental Drawing and Painting Contest, participated by the Advantest Group's employees and their families. This event called for paintings and drawings on the subject of environment such as nature protection and global environmental preservation. A total of eighty-six pieces of work were entered from the Group's plants in Japan and overseas into the contest this year. President Matsuno, who is also the Director of the CSR & Environmental Affairs Promotion Center, made selections among those entries, and those selected for excellence were presented with the award certificates. All the paintings and drawings are now put on view in each plant in Japan and on the intranet.

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The Advantest Group will continue to work on organizing fun and enjoyable activities which can help increase our employees' awareness for environment in the future.