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2010-09-17 00:00:00.0 CSR

In June 2010, Advantest (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (ASC) donated books to the Suzhou Wuzhong Zidi (SWZS) school in China. This project has been continuing as one of our educational support activities since last year.

The SWZS is a facility for the children of seasonal workers, and there are more than six hundred children currently enrolled in this school. Since the facility lacks equipment, it has been receiving support from the local organizations since its establishment.

It is also true that many of those children cannot afford to buy books even though they want to read more. So, ASC called for its employees to collect used and unneeded books from their home, and it donated a total of more than one hundred books to the SWZS. This donation activity does not only support education for the children, but it can also lead to environmental activities by treasuring and recycling books and reducing the amount of waste. Since the SWZS does not have enough sporting goods for the children to use, we also donated a total of sixty-two sets of the badminton and the ping-pong equipment.

Those children who received a lot of books and sporting goods looked extremely happy. ASC will continue to provide children with educational support and will develop bright futures for children.

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