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Advantest Announces Availability of its CD-SEM Metrology Tool for Photomask Applications
New Critical Dimension-Scanning Electron Microscope System Offers Semiconductor Manufacturers Increased Accuracy and Improved Yield

TOKYO, Japan, January 5, 2010 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced availability of its new SEM-based Critical Dimension (CD) measurement system for photomasks. The E3610 and E3620 advanced mask metrology tools, developed and manufactured by Advantest since 2004 on an OEM basis for a leading supplier of metrology systems, are now available directly from Advantest as part of its advanced technology product lineup. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) technology relies on an electron beam to create images and take measurements on a semiconductor wafer at extremely high resolutions - much greater than those able to be captured by optical microscopes. CD-SEM measurement systems are required by semiconductor manufacturers to measure the critical dimension (CD) of the miniature-sized circuits in a semiconductor and to assure the accuracy of their manufacturing process. Employing industry-leading technology, Advantest's E3610 and E3620 offer the precision and linewidth repeatability required to provide continuous yield improvement at the 65nm and 45nm production nodes, as well as support for 32nm and 22nm process development.

Key Features

As semiconductor device features continue to shrink, photomask patterning requirements have created new challenges in lithography. Device manufacturers now require advanced mask level CD metrology for pattern linewidth measurements. The E3610/E3620 CD-SEM measurement system - already in use by multiple leading semiconductor and photomask manufacturers - provides extremely accurate, highly repeatable linewidth measurement functionality that supports IC production and design down to the 3Xnm node. Development at the 22nm node level is ongoing, keyed to coming requirements for even greater precision and stability.
The E3610 and E3620 utilize Advantest's unique electron optical column design, enabling accurate CD control. Boasting superior long-term operating stability and CD variation of less than ±1nm, the E3610/E3620 are best-in-class metrology tools, claiming the Advantest brand and backed by the company's worldwide support infrastructure.

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