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New T2000 Light Star Mainframe Boosts Test Productivity Dramatically Reduces Space & Cost Requirements

TOKYO, Japan, March 15, 2010 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced availability of its new low-cost test solution, the T2000 Light Star Mainframe, an air-cooled test platform that offers cost-effective test of a wide range of semiconductor devices, contributing to higher customer productivity.

A Lower-Cost Solution for Diverse Applications

Global demand for consumer electronics, mobile devices, and automobiles equipped with electronic systems continues to accelerate, while new applications for ICs are proliferating, driving growth in segments including analog and power management devices. The outlook for wireless ICs in particular is highly positive, reflecting expectations around emerging infrastructure needs and applications related to the smart grid. Moreover, growth in PCs, netbooks, and other computing applications underpins recent forecasts of an average 15% annual expansion in MCU shipments from 2010 - 2013. However, semiconductor manufacturers supplying these surging markets face the challenge of producing a greater mix of devices, in shorter timeframes. Advantest's new T2000 LSMF platform offers a lower-cost, more efficient solution for evolving test needs.

Features and Benefits

Air-Cooled Mainframe Reduces Investment Cost by 30%, Supports Existing T2000 Modules

The T2000 LSMF supports key modules developed for the existing T2000 mainframe. As a newly-developed platform incorporating Advantest's advanced air-cooling technology, it offers a test environment that significantly boosts productivity.

  • Due to efficiency gains, investment cost for the new system is 30% lower than for the existing system.
  • By replacing conventional liquid-cooling technology with an air-cooled configuration, the T2000 LSMF eliminates the need for a separate cooling unit, even in areas without cooling systems installed. This makes costly additional equipment purchases unnecessary.

Key Specifications

Parallel Test Capacity Max. 64 DUT
Power Requirements 200V AC, max. 1 line
Dimensions 1050mm (D) × 800mm (W) × 1600mm (H)

Module Compatibility

  • 250Mbps Digital Module
  • PMU32 Module (32ch Multi-Purpose Parametric Measurement Unit Module)
  • 16ch AAWGD Mixed Signal Module (16ch Audio Waveform Generator/Digitizer Module)
  • 16ch BBWGD Mixed Signal Module (16ch Baseband Waveform Generator/Digitizer Module)
  • 12GWSGA RF Module (12GHz Wideband Signal Generator/Analyzer Module)

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