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TOKYO, Japan, January 5, 2009 - Haruo Matsuno, president and CEO of Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), recently delivered a New Year’s address to employees and stakeholders, outlining the company’s major challenges and goals for 2010:


“Our first challenge is to launch a new product offensive. In the memory sector, we plan to launch new concept products aimed not only at DDR3-SDRAM, which began to ramp late last year, but also the NAND flash market. In non-memory, Advantest will further expand our lineup of open-architecture modules for diverse applications including image sensors, power management devices, and high-speed interfaces. Additionally, we will focus resources on exploring new arenas, as with the introduction of our Terahertz 3D Image Sensing System in late 2009.”

“Our second challenge is to win at the delivery game. From 2008 through 2009, chip-makers restrained and postponed capital investment, but we expect a renewal of capex in the new year. Rapidly recovering markets are likely to drive extremely stringent equipment delivery requirements, and all related divisions must stay organically linked to expedite our response to customer needs.”

“Our third challenge is to intensify and expand contact with our customers. Advantest's new sales initiative, launched in mid-2009, aims to strengthen the framework of cooperation among our overseas subsidiaries and develop a dynamically maneuverable global sales force. Our worldwide customer base is our most precious asset of all, and in 2010 we will aim to develop latent business opportunities, while continuing to provide industry-best support and services. For that purpose, I have asked our sales force to increase contact with our customers and strive to more accurately identify their needs.”

“Last but not least, our fourth challenge is to get back to basics. In the 56 years since Advantest was founded, our decision-making and implementation processes have unfortunately slowed down. We need to get back to basics and rediscover the most practical organizational structures and rules that facilitate efficient business practices. In 2010, I plan to expedite further reforms that will increase our sensitivity to our business environment.”

“In summation, I would like to announce our slogan for 2010:

Towards the Future - To Do is To Succeed!

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