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TOKYO, Japan, August 6th, 2009 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), has published its Corporate Report 2009, a comprehensive resource for information on the Advantest Group's activities.

The Corporate Report 2009 combines the former CSR Report and Corporate Profile in a single information-rich publication. It provides essential data on Advantest's businesses, facilities and corporate organization, introduces the company's executive management team, and gives an overview of Advantest's history, as well as providing an in-depth look at the company's CSR policy and environmental activities.

With this publication, Advantest reaffirms its commitment to earning stakeholder trust through open communication and business transparency.

Key Features of the Corporate Report 2009

  1. Two feature articles on CSR:

    ∗: The Environmentally Friendly T5503 Test Memory System: Advantest's First Green Product

    ∗: The Advantest Reliability Assurance Program: Building Quality into Every Process

  2. Introductory concepts related to test systems - Advantest's key products - presented in a highly visual, intuitive layout
  3. Essential data on corporate facilities, management, organizational structure, and history printed on a separate insert for ease of reference
  4. An overview of the Advantest Group's stakeholder relationships, featuring reports from individual employees, customers, and R&D partners
  • The Corporate Report 2009 may be viewed on the Advantest website:
    Corporate Report 2009
  • Copies of the Corporate Report 2009 may be requested from Advantest's CSR & Environmental Affairs Promotion Office:

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