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The Gunma R&D Center (Meiwa-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma-ken) participated in the “CO2 Reduction / Light-down Campaign” hosted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan on July 8th. The purpose of this campaign event was to let people, who were accustomed to turning up the lights, turn off their lights, become aware of how much lighting was used in their daily lives, and think of the issue of global warming. Our company has been registered as a participating institution in this campaign since last year.

In order to ensure that all the lights were turned off, the light-switch maps were posted next to the switches on each floor. These maps clearly showed the locations of the switches within the divisions and at the desks.

The event day was also set to be the day for all the employees to leave work at the same time, and everyone was encouraged to leave the office on time. Our continuous engagement in this activity will allow us to reduce CO2 by 392 tons per year.

We will continue to participate in the light-down campaigns in the future, as well as reminding ourselves to turn off the lights on a day-to-day basis.

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