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2012-12-28 00:00:00.0 CSR

Advantest Taiwan Inc. (ATI) made cash contributions as Christmas gifts to the primary schools on Taiwan. The objectives of this project were based on our desire to let children enjoy Christmas and to let ourselves appreciate the things we have and learn about the heart of sharing.

ATI called internally for the donations of stationery, toys, daily commodities and living ware. The employees offered many items such as color pencils and stuffed animals, which were organized eventually into three cardboard boxes of gifts.

Those Christmas gifts collected from our employees were accompanied by cash donations and were presented to three local primary schools. The teacher at one of those primary schools, called Yuan-dong Primary School, expressed his deep gratitude for the gifts and said that he wanted to guide his pupils at school in such a way that, when they become adults someday, they will be able to make contributions to our society.

ATI would like to continue its engagement in the CSR activities which can bring joys to everyone in the future.

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