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2009-05-22 00:00:00.0 CSR

Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (ASP) has begun the “My Cup” campaign since February 2009.
ASP previously used disposable Styrofoam cups for drinking beverages. However, there were increasing concerns expressed by the employees that “using disposable cups might not be good for the environment”. So, taking the office relocation as an opportunity, ASP decided to initiate the “My Cup” campaign and encouraged the employees to use their own cups brought from home.

Disposable cups can be the cause for an increased amount of waste, and the material used to manufacture Styrofoam is highly inflammable and could become the source of industrial smog. Also, during the landfill disposal operation, the cups' chemical substances may contaminate the groundwater, and they may emit toxic fume during incineration.

By switching from disposable Styrofoam cups to “My Cups,” our environmental burdens have been reduced, and we are expecting S$660.00 (approximately 44,000 Yen) of cost savings annually from now on.