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Nov 10, 2014 Products

Wireless Data Logger Offers Exponential Efficiency Gains

TOKYO, Japan - November 10, 2014 - Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) has launched its new AirLoggerTM WM1010, a groundbreaking wireless data logger, for temperature evaluation in automotive R&D and production, as well as other industries.

In the automotive industry, and many other manufacturing and R&D fields, temperature measurement and evaluation are normally performed with data loggers whose measurement units and data processing units are connected by cables. These products are industry standard, however set-up and teardown are troublesome and time-consuming, giving rise to a demand for a more efficient method of temperature measurement. Additionally, recent advances have seen measurement targets getting smaller and more densely mounted. There is thus an urgent need for temperature logging that can support multiple measurement point and parallel measurement processing.

Advantest's new AirLoggerTM WM1010 offers a revolutionary solution to these problems with fully wireless operation. When its temperature measurement unit is mounted in a thermocouple-type data processing area, it wirelessly sends temperature measurement data to a PC for display and saving. It enables real-time simultaneous measurement of temperatures at multiple points, and supports a broad range of formerly difficult-to-measure measurement targets such as revolving tires and other moving objects. The WM1010 dramatically boosts customer process efficiency by freeing users from the constraints of working with loggers that require data cables.

Advantest will launch its AirLoggerTM series of products in January 2015 when the company releases the WM1010 in Japan. Subsequently, the product series will be rolled out in the USA and Europe with localized specifications.



  • Compact, Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Efficiency
    The WM1010 uses a button battery for its power supply, fully wireless data transmission, and a compact temperature measurement unit requiring no cables (when used alone). This dramatically boosts the efficiency of customer processes. The WM1010 also enables easy measurement of a broad range of formerly challenging targets, such as revolving tires and other moving objects.
  • Real-Time Parallel Temperature Measurement of a Maximum of 100 Points
    The WM1010 can measure temperatures at a maximum of 100 points simultaneously, and wirelessly transmits data for processing in real time.

Key Specifications

Measurement Range -200°C ~ +1300°C (K Type)
Measurement Interval 100 milliseconds ~ 10 minutes
Measurement Unit Specifications  
  Operating Temperature Range -15°C ~ +70°C
Size 35 (W) × 35 (D) × 14.5 (H) mm
Parallel Connection Capacity Max. 100 channels
Power supply 1 button battery (CR2032 type)
Data display Windows PC (Windows7, Windows8/8.1)
Thermocouples Supported K type, T type, J type
Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz wireless transmission

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