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TOKYO, Japan, September 2, 2013 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) announces that its CSR Report 2013, which highlights the Advantest Group's efforts in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in fiscal 2012, is now available on the company's website.

The CSR Report 2013 reports on a variety of initiatives undertaken from a CSR perspective, in the awareness of Advantest's responsibilities as a firm whose products and activities support the safety and stability of society.

Going forward, the Advantest Group will not simply seek to increase earnings, but will also continue to fulfill its responsibilities to society by actively engaging in CSR-oriented activities to reduce environmental impact, contribute to society, and further enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the company will continue to disclose its CSR activities in annual CSR Reports as a part of its commitment to earning stakeholder trust through transparency.

Features of the CSR Report 2013

(1) Special Features  "Working Together, We Can Do Better"

Against the background of Advantest's integration of the former Verigy, the company has implemented reforms and changes designed to realize synergies in its R&D, production, maintenance services, and management functions. This special feature reviews the process and the results of these reforms.

(2) Initiative Reports

The company's CSR Report 2013 also compiles information on CSR initiatives aligned with the seven core principles of the ISO26000 certification, spotlighting Advantest's achievements in corporate governance, human rights, labor practices, fair business practices, consumer issues, community participation, and environmental preservation.