Test Cell and Automation Solutions

Industry 4.0, or smart manufacturing, refers to the ability to deliver real-time decision making through connected networks of data to help improve manufacturing processes and productivity.

For semiconductor manufacturers, this data-sharing results in minimizing downtime and cost of ownership, while improving automation, quality, and yield in IC test operations. Using advanced test equipment coupled with automated material handling systems with full control and software monitoring software, seamless operation and improved performance on the test floor are achieved.

Advantest's Test Cell and Automation Solutions is a one-stop-shop solution comprised of tester and handling equipment integrated together with customized tools that work seamlessly in a coordinated operation.

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Automated Test-Cell benefits

Improve Operating Equipment Efficiency (OEE) – Direct economic benefit

  • First pass yield, UPH, utilization and flexibility improvement

Improve Test Output Quality – Reduce test escapes and customer returns

  • Full test setup traceability, equipment variation and human intervention reduction
  • Real time monitoring to prevent and predict failures

Automation Lights Off – Improve man-to-machine ratio

Advantest's Automated Test Cell is already making a difference on IC production floor, with solutions developed and integrated within existing test floor infrastructures. These solutions support the Smart Factory with easy test cell integration and operation.