New Product: AirLogger™ WM2000 Series New Product: AirLogger™ WM2000 Series

Our new product, the AirLogger™ WM2000 Series has expanded the capabilities of the AirLogger compared to our previous product, which can measure temperature only.  The WM2000 Series can now measure temperature, voltage and strain with two newly developed measurement units, a temperature/voltage unit and a strain unit.  By installing voltage-output type sensors to the temperature/voltage unit, humidity, illumination, pressure and wind speed can also be measured.

The temperature/voltage measurement unit comes in two types: 2 ch unit and 7 ch unit, compared to the previous 1 ch unit.  With high-density mounting technology, the 7 ch type is up to 60% smaller per channel, compared to our previous product.  Additionally, one PC communication unit can receive diverse types of measurement data acquired from temperature/voltage measurement units and strain measurement units, so they can be combined depending on use cases, making the AirLogger even more convenient.


Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Efficiency

Measurement units wirelessly send measurement data to your PC for display and saving. It dramatically boosts efficiency by freeing users from the constraints of working with data cables.

Measures Inside Shielded Areas or Surface of Rotating/Moving Objects

Because the measurement unit is wireless, it has the benefit of measuring temperature or strain of moving or rotating objects easily.

Smaller, More Powerful

The measurement units have been made smaller with high density mounting technology.  The 7 ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit's volume ratio is reduced by 60%, compared with our previous model.

Software Switch Function

The power switch has been removed from the measurement unit. Units can now be turned on/off from your PC.

Installed Internal Memory Protects Measurement Data

When the radio wave is weak and data transfer is unstable, the internal memory can store measurement data which can be retrieved and displayed after measurement.

Simultaneous Measurement by Combining Diverse Types of Measurement Units

The WM2000 offers three types and four models of measurement unit, enabling simultaneous measurement of temperature, voltage and strain.  Also, by using voltage-output type sensors such as pressure, humidity, wind speed and illumination, diverse types of values can be measured simultaneously.  These measurement units can be combined arbitrarily depending on use cases.

Real-time Simultaneous Measurement at a Maximum of 700 points

One PC communication unit can be connected to as many as 100 measurement units.
While measuring wirelessly, temperature/voltage can be measured at a maximum of 700 points simultaneously in real time. Measurement points can be dispersed across a broad area.

* Can measure max 700 points of temperature/voltage (When 100 units of 7 ch Temperature/Voltage Measurement Unit are used)
Can measure max 100 points of strain (When 100 units of Strain Measurement Unit are used)

Simple Software Environment with User-Friendly Interface

The software starts from a simple main window, dedicated for measurement functions.  Multiple measurement data are displayed in real time, and analysis tools such as cursors or search function are equipped.  Multiple graphs can be displayed in one window, and measurement data can be assigned to arbitral graphs.
Indication of battery remaining level and radio wave strength for each measurement unit is possible.

  • Setup dialogue
    Setup and display each condition of measurement
  • Main window
    Manages measurement control such as measurement start/stop, measurement data storage
  • Data display window
    Displays multiple measurement data in real time
  • Battery remaining level/Radio wave strength display

Specifications of Each Measurement unit

Measurement Target Temperature Temperature Strain (120Ω or 350Ω)
Voltage Voltage
Measurement ch/unit 2 ch 7 ch 1 ch
Measurement Range Temperature: -200℃ to +1300℃ (K) Temperature: -200℃ to +1300℃ (K) ±20000µ
Voltage ±12V Voltage ±12V
Sampling Frequency Max 10Hz Max 10Hz Max 10Hz
Size (mm) 54.5 (W) × 45 (D) × 17.5 (H) 60.5 (W) × 49 (D) × 17.5 (H) 54.5 (W) × 45 (D) × 17.5 (H)
Number of
Simultaneous Connection
Max 100 units Max 100 units Max 100 units
Number of Simultaneous
Measurement Channels
Max 200 ch Max 700 ch Max 100 ch
Sensor to Connect Thermocouple
Voltage output sensor such
as humidity, pressure,
air speed, or illumination
Voltage output sensor such
as humidity, pressure,
air speed, or illumination
Strain gauge