E-Beam Lithography


1Xnm node resolution performance supports various applications from R&D to volume production

The F7000 is an EB lithography tool with superior resolution performance meeting requirements for the 1Xnm technology node. The F7000 supports substrates of diverse materials, sizes, and shapes, including nano-imprint templates, as well as wafers, and is optimized for diverse applications such as advanced LSIs, photonics, MEMS, and other nano-processes. Also, users can select the configuration optimal for their needs, either stand-alone or in-line, enabling the F7000 to support a wide array of applications from R&D to volume production.

Example of production use (In-line)

Example of R&D use (Stand-alone)

  • 1Xnm resolution performance
  • Character Projection (CP) lithography
  • High throughput
  • Supports substrates of diverse sizes, shapes and materials
  • Lab to Fab flexible configuration
  • Proprietary Self-Cleaning technology for better stability
  • Small footprint

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