R3755A / R3760

Board Network Analyzer


The R3760 network analyzer,

low in cost and with a space-saving design, measures and evaluates the frequency characteristics of receiving/transmitting antennas and filters, which are used for wireless communications such as mobile phones, WiMAX, WiFi, and ETC systems for ubiquitous communication.

The R3755A network analyzer

evaluates the frequency characteristics of electronic components, such as the crystal resonator and ceramic resonator used in a broad range of electronic equipment, as well as antennas for receiving/transmitting wireless signals.

Main Specifications

  R3755A R3760
Frequency range 10kHz to 300MHz 300MHz to 6GHz
Output level +18dBm to -43dBm(≥1MHz)
0dBm to -20dBm(<1MHz)
0dBm to -10dBm (≤3GHz)
Measurement parameter A/R Transmission / Reflection
External dimensions PCI board, half size, 1slots PCI board, half size, 2slots
Input / output Parallel I/O (Standard) Parallel I/O (Standard)

Key Features

  • The new board network analyzer used including in a personal computer.
  • Software development environments: Microsoft VB and C++.
  • Provide a production line with optimality space-saving and cost-saving.

*: Please inquire about recommended personal computer.

Advantest Corporation ("Advantest") provides this sample software on a free of charge basis for use with the R3755A/R3760 measuring instruments. This sample software is a copyrighted work of Advantest, and Advantest is and shall remain the sole owner of the sample software and all related intellectual property rights. Please read this notice in its entirety before downloading the sample software. Please strictly observe the precautions included in this notice and described in the instruction manual for the sample software where provided.


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  • 1. Installer
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  • 2. Source Code
    Please use it with Visual Studio for development. There is sample software without the source code either.
  • 3. Manual
    This is an operation explanation. However, it doesn't explain the source code.
  • 4. Application
    The applications (R3755A_R3760_RFID, R3755A_R3760_Ant_Chk, R3755A_R3760_Ant_Para) are used by Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0.


Advantest is not responsible for any data that is lost during use of this software. Back up your data regularly to prevent the risk of data loss in the case of computer malfunctions.

Strictly Observe
Never power off the system or remove the disk while USB, CD-ROM, or other access lamps are on. Failure to follow this instruction may cause computer failure or data loss.

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Software Download Contents Language / Config.
Applicative Product: R3755A/R3760
R3755X_R3760_RevF00.ISO (246 MB)

MD5 hash data:94a886e81a51ed08fdd548363fb7857a

Includes all of the control software (NACServer) that controls the startup and shutdown of the R3755A/R3760 Series Board Network Analyzer firmware and interfaces with the application software, as well as the application software and relevant manuals.
* Updated to use PCI driver compliant with Windows 11.
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro (64 bit OS), 11 Pro
  • ISO image file


Software Download Contents Language / Config.
(Included in R3755X_R3760_RevF00.ISO)
This is application software that controls R3755A and R3760 series board network analyzer using GUI.
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro (64 bit or 32 bit OS), 11 Pro
  • Installer
  • Source Code (VB.NET)
  • Manual
Software Download Contents Language / Config.
R3755A R3760 RFID (3.2MB) This is the RFID measurement application software that controls R3755A and R3760 series board network analyzer.
Operating System:Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit OS)
  • Installer
  • Source Code (VB)
  • Manual
R3755A R3760 Ant_Chk (8.2MB)
  • This software is for R3760 antenna measurement.
  • The measurement and the judgment are preserved in the file.
  • S11, S21, S22, and S12 measurement becomes possible, when R3760 and A170010(DPDT) SW-BOX are combined.
Operating System:Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit OS)
  • Installer
  • Source Code (VB)
  • Manual
R3755A_R3760_Ant_Para (5.2MB)
  • This software is for R3760 antenna measurement in production.
  • Antennas up to four can be measured and preserved.
  • Four kinds of S11 simultaneous measurement becomes possible, when R3760 and A170009(SP4T) SW-BOX are combined.
Operating System:Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit OS)
  • Installer
  • Source Code (VB)
  • Manual

LabVIEW Driver

Software Download Contents Language / Config.
R3755A R3760 LV2012_driver (1.1MB)
  • This is LabVIEW driver of R3755A and R3760 series.
  • The same driver function as VB version bis.dll is prepared.
  • Driver
  • Module List
  • Make your PC a Network Analyzer
  • More affordable cost than bench type analyzers
  • PCI card-type best fitted for system integration

The embedded Network Analyzer realizes test cost reductions and space-saving solutions for manufacturing, test systems and maintenance equipment.

Return loss / VSWR measurement of antenna

R3760 provides test cost reduction of antenna such as for cell phone, WiFi, GPS, and vehicle.


Multi-port measurement for antennas

R3760 with A170009 enables 4-device measurement of reflection characteristics at a low cost.


Resonant frequency measurement of RFID/NFC

R3755A brings resonant frequency measurement of RFID/NFC (Near Field Communication) devices using 13.56 MHz signal and contributes to cost reduction in development, production or maintenance.


Crystal resonator manufacturing and testing

R3755A is applicable in various phases of manufacturing and testing for crystal resonators.