HiFIX (High Fidelity Tester Access Fixture)

Device Interface


The HiFIX lineup delivers clean waveform transmission, precision docking, and multi-DUT parallel test, with high reliability.

Along with technology for pico second clean waveform transmission, HiFIX requirements include precision docking and high reliability. ADVANTEST's versatile HiFIX product lineup offers support for requirements including memory, wafer, and manual test. This variety allows us to provide solutions optimized to specific test frequencies and device packages.

To ensure maximum quality of performance, all functions of the HiFix, including continuity and AC/DC checks, are performed throughout the manufacturing process.

Manual HiFIX

This HiFIX is for manual hand test. It is mainly for use in R&D applications, as in evaluation of devices under development. Its specifications can be tailored to the requirements of the customer. This low-cost, reliable product leverages many years of accumulated knowledge and experience at ADVANTEST.

Wafer HiFIX


Wafer motherboard for T5383


Wafer motherboard for T5385

This HiFIX supports wafer probers from a variety of companies. Its specifications can be tailored to customer requirements.


Cable-Connected HiFIX


HiFIX for T5585


Connects the performance board and socket board via coaxial cable, allowing even highspeed devices to be tested with precision. Supported packages include: QFP, CSP (µBGA), and TSOP I/II.


SBC-TYPE HiFIX (Socket Board Change)


SBC-TYPE HiFIX for T5503 (DSA)


SBC-TYPE HiFIX for T5503 (motherboard)

Using a high-performance coaxial connector developed by ADVANTEST, it allows DUTs to be swapped out by replacing only the socket board. This mechanism facilitates test of high-speed devices, and also leads to reduced cost of test. The SBC-TYPE HIFIX boasts improved transmission performance, and it entails lower costs when swapping devices. Supported packages include: QFP, CSP (?BGA), and TSOP II.




eSBC-TYPE HiFIX for T5581 (DSA)


eSBC-TYPE HiFIX for T5581 (motherboard)

Complementing the high-performance SBC HiFIX, this HiFIX brings the SBC method to existing test systems. Using a connector developed by ADVANTEST, it also reduces running costs.
Supported packages include: QFP, CSP (µBGA), and TSOP.