Test Handler


The handler's superior positioning accuracy, throughput and temperature control are ideal for testing advanced memory ICs

Reducing the cost of test for today's double data rate (DDR) and Flash memory ICs requires an efficient test solution that delivers both top performance and high throughput. The M6245 test handler achieves industry-leading productivity with minimal downtime to provide the most efficient, lowest cost test solution for advanced memory devices.


Pin-point positioning accuracy

Using a highly precise visual-alignment system, the M6245 handler achieves contact accuracy to within 0.3 mm ball pitch. In addition to improving test yields, this allows faster set-up and calibration for maximum throughput.
Visual alignment also enables the system to accommodate fine-pitch devices. To test memory ICs with current pitch designs, the handler can be easily switched to mechanical alignment.

Advanced thermal technology

A proprietary dual-fluid design maintains the temperature of each DUT within ± 1?C throughout the range of - 20?C to 100?C and within ± 2?C across the ranges of - 40?C to - 20.1?C and 100.1?C to 125?C. This technology enables highly accurate testing of devices that operate over wide temperature spans during everyday use.

Optimized for productivity

The M6245's highly automated operation maximizes productivity. For example, DUTs that do not pass functional testing on the first trial are automatically run through the system again for re-testing. While this helps to ensure the highest possible yield, it also reduces operators' workloads.

The system is equipped with ADVANTEST's handler data visualization framework, allowing the test cell's status to be remotely monitored from any internet-connected device.