Product Catalog (IC Test Systems)

Model Download
V93000 SoC Test System SoC  
Smart Scale PDF (512KB)
Wave Scale RF PDF (638KB)
Wave Scale MX PDF (623KB)
Memory Test System High Speed Memory  
T2000 SoC Test System 1Gbps & 1.6Gbps Digital Module Please make a request from "Contact" form
8Gbps Digital Module
Device Power Supply Modules
AD/DA and Mixed-Signal Test Solution
Baseband and RF Test Solution
CMOS Image Sensor Test Solution (ISS)
Automotive, PMIC device Test Solution (IPS)
AiR - smallest and low-cost class
EVA100 Evolutionary Value Added
Measurement System
All-in-One Evaluation PDF (1.87MB)
Trimming Measurement Solution PDF (2.30MB)
DC-DC Converter Solution PDF (1.86MB)
Audio IC Evaluation Solution PDF (1.44MB)
ADC DC Linearity Test Solution PDF (2.35MB)
ADC AC Linearity Test Solution PDF (1.74MB)
PSRR Evaluation PDF (1.92MB)
Sequence Gadget Utilization PDF (2.23MB)
Sensor Test Solution PDF (1.53MB)
Digital IC Solution PDF (1.16MB)
T5385/T5385ES Memory Test System PDF (117KB)
T5503HS Memory Test System PDF (403KB)
T5833 Memory Test System PDF (674KB)
T6391 Display Driver Test System PDF (424KB)
T7912 Analog Test System PDF (1.3MB)
M4742A Test Handler PDF (233KB)
M4841 Test Handler PDF (399KB)
M4871 Test Handler PDF (631KB)
M6242 Test Handler PDF (165KB)