Test System


T2000 Flexible Platform Addresses Diverse Test Needs

SoC devices require small-lot high-mix manufacturing methods in the present era of rapid generation change. Semiconductor manufacturers struggle with requirements to replace their testers on a 2-3 year cycle.

The T2000 platform adopts a module architecture and can be flexibly reconfigured by rearranging the necessary functional modules according to the application. A rich variety of functional modules, including digital, high-performance analog, power-mixed signals, and image capture, provide a wide range of test coverage and offer solutions at optimal cost. This makes it possible to have a scalable system configuration ranging from an air cooling system with 9 slots to a liquid cooling system with 52 slots and up to 8,192 channels.

Advantest provides compact solutions with reduced initial investment for development and small lot productions, and high-efficiency multiple-DUT parallel measurement solutions for mass productions. The T2000 responds quickly to market needs with minimal capital investment.


While chipmakers enhance the functionality of semiconductor devices and increase multi-functionality, they need to reduce development times. Advantest's T2000 is ideal for testing these devices.

Time to Market Reduction - Multi-Session

The T2000 makes it possible to develop device test programs efficiently with minimal investment. With the multi-site CPU architecture unique to the T2000, multiple users can log in to a single test system at the same time, and perform debugging work independently. Up to eight people can work simultaneously, contributing to both engineering cost savings and TTM reduction. In addition, eight people can develop separate functions for the same device concurrently, which greatly shortens development times.

Best-In-Class Parallel Test Efficiency - Multi-Site Controller

As more DUTs (Devices Under Test) are measured simultaneously, overhead tends to increase, and test times in general tend to be longer. However, the T2000 reduces test time and achieves high throughput with highly efficient multi-site test technology that completely eliminates overhead.

Test Time Reduction - Concurrent Test

The T2000 supports concurrent test functionality which can execute complex device test in shorter times. Concurrent test can be more easily achieved than in the past, as the T2000 can seamlessly switch between sequential execution and parallel execution of multiple test items. In addition, its concurrent test functionality enables users to rapidly develop test programs with short test times.

Test Cost Reduction

With up to 8,192 digital channels, the T2000 achieves more than twice the parallelism of the previous model, reducing test cost.

T2000 Product Lineup



  • Windows Based Operating System. Easy to Use. Easy to Customize.
  • Rapid Development Kit (RDK) Environment: Easy Coding, High Code Reusability, and Fast Debug.
  • Versatile Offline Environment: Thorough T2000 System Software Emulator.
  • Abundant Tester Tools: Wave Tool (Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope), Shmoo, Pattern Editor, etc.
  • Instrument Slicing, Test Condition Runtime Optimizer, Multi-session, Concurrent Test Flows.