Memory Test System


Offering Multi-functionality and Industry's Top Test Speed of 8Gbps

Industry-best 8Gbps test speed and timing accuracy of ±40ps

With a maximum test speed of 8Gbps, the T5511 is the world's fastest memory testers, supporting the very fastest GDDR5-SDRAM devices with capacity to spare. Furthermore, since all the system's test pins support 8Gbps, no reduction in parallelism occurs when operating at high speed.

Built-in clock training control functionality

Essential for new DDR4-SDRAM and GDDR5-SDRAM device test, clock training functionality is built into the T5511's hardware. This allows throughput improvements impossible when relying on software for this function.

Simpler test program creation

The T5511 also features a hardware CRC code generator function, necessary for cutting-edge DDR4-SDRAM and GDDR5-SDRAM device test. The dedicated hardware generates CRC codes automatically, reducing the burden on the operator and making it simpler to create test programs. Additionally, the T5511 runs Advantest's "Future Suite" tester OS, allowing operators to utilize the extensive library of program data created for T55xx series test systems.

"Lab to fab" flexibility

System configurations range from 384 pins for R&D use through to a maximum of 6,144 pins for volume production. The T5511's "lab to fab" flexible configurability allows customers to hold capital investment to a minimum, while achieving maximum test efficiency.