Memory Test System



High-productivity tester achieves low cost-of-test by performing massive parallel testing of NAND Flash and MCPs for SSDs and mobile applications


Next-generation NAND Flash memory and managed NAND devices, including embedded multi-media cards (eMMC), are playing increasing roles in driving the performance of SSDs and mobile electronic devices. These applications require continued increases in density and performance while demanding higher quality and reliability. To keep pace, NAND manufacturers are developing innovative, new technologies, requiring more test coverage while driving up the cost of test. Managing these testing costs requires a low-cost production test solution with NAND-specific features to increase yield and improve throughput.
Advantest’s flexible T5831 system handles production volume testing of all NAND devices as well as multi-chip packages (MCP) containing mobile DRAMs. For test program development and device characterization needs, the tester is available in a compatible, low-cost engineering solution, the T5831 ES. Both configurations help to reduce the time to market for customers’ newest ICs.

High-efficiency testing

Massive parallel testing and real-time source-synchronous operation maximize the T5831’s productivity and yield. The system automatically fine tunes each test cycle to adjust for timing drifts that arise from changes in process voltage-temperature (PVT) and jitter. Additionally, the tester supports NAND specific test requirements such as bad block management, redundancy analysis and custom/random data generation. Together, these functions ensure NAND quality at maximum yield.

The fastest solution

The high-throughput T5831 delivers the fastest test cycle times for NAND Flash. Key enabling features include ADVANTEST’s Tester-Per-Site™ architecture, which applies the industry’s highest device power supply current per DUT to accelerate program and erase functions. In addition, the system’s on-board hardware conducts on-the-fly analysis of error-correcting codes (ECC), effectively eliminating all overhead time that otherwise would be required for ECC post-processing.

The lowest risk

Built upon the proven reliability and quality of Advantest technologies, the T5831 is a low-risk solution with advantages including software compatibility with the world’s largest installed base of memory test systems. The T5831 also lowers deployment risk by providing turnkey test cell solutions, combining a tester with a handler, a versatile HIFIX line-up, probe cards, and more. Furthermore, the T5831’s modular architecture gives it the extendibility to test future device generations. This forward-looking design allows users to get greater useful lifetime and higher return on investment from their capital expenditures in test equipment.