Display Driver Test System


Support for High-functional Displays Such as Touch Sensors and High Image Quality

The display driver ICs (DDIs) control the display operations for smartphones, televisions, and other electrical products.
In recent years, DDIs have incorporated analog and large-scale logics such as touch-sensor functions, and they present many technical challenges in testing.
The T6391 is a cutting-edge test platform that meets the technical trend of the next-generation DDIs, such as high pin count, high-speed interfaces, and multi-functional.
It is the latest model of the T6300 series, which is the industry-standard machine for DDI testing with more than 2,500 units installed globally. In addition to inheriting the conventional operating environment, including TDL language, the T6391 can also improve test throughput further with better data processing and transmission speed.

High versatility and high throughput

The T6391 provides wide test coverage for all types of DDI functions including high pin count devices, high-speed interfaces, and analog circuits and memory. In particular, due to the increasing demand for 4K/8K televisions and OLED smartphones (WQHD+, FHD+) in recent years, more customers are asking for simultaneous measurement of multiple devices and shorter test time.
With up to 1,024 I/O channels and up to 3,584 LCD channels, the T6391 can drastically increase the number of devices that can be measured simultaneously. In addition, the parallel high-speed test (PHT) function enables the parallel execution of logic tests (up to 3 threads), which shortens the test time significantly.

Compliance with the latest interface standards

The T6391 can handle I/O pin frequencies up to 1.6 Gbps, so it can test DDIs for MIPI, an interface standard for mobile devices. When equipped with an additional UHSIF module, the system can test high-speed interfaces up to 6.5 Gbps, which are required for the DDIs for next-generation televisions including 4K and 8K. In addition, the T6391 is also equipped with a SCPG for more efficient logic circuit testing, as well as a ramp waveform generator, sine waveform generator, and digital capture to test touch-sensor functions.