LCD Driver Test System


Tester enables cost-efficient testing of display driver ICs for high-resolution LCDs, combining advanced test capabilities and high throughput

High-resolution LCDs are becoming increasingly integrated. It is common for today's DDIs to contain a multitude of logic/analog circuits to manage advanced operations including touch-sensor functions. At the same time, the rapidly growing applications of LCDs in mobile electronics are driving demand for DDI’s with smaller sizes and greater capabilities. These factors present serious IC-testing challenges. ADVANTEST's T6391 system is designed to address these needs along with DIs' increasing number of pins and faster interfaces.


Versatile and extendible

The T6391 provides wide test coverage for all types of applications including analog, memory and logic circuits with high pin counts and high-speed interfaces. This versatility stems from the system’s pin-card design, which makes it the best test solution for both engineering and production applications.

This tester was developed to address both the current and future needs of customers worldwide. It is capable of testing PMIC functions embedded within DDIs, a projected advancement in next-generation devices. To optimize its operation and cost efficiency, the system uses the same TDL programming environment as other testers in ADVANTEST's T6300 product family.

Greater operating efficiency for high throughput

Industry-leading throughput is enabled by the T6391's high-speed bus, which enhances data transfer and calculation speeds. With its 512 I/O channels, the system can test several devices in parallel and perform large-volume testing of high-resolution DDIs with up to 3,584 pins, including those used in full high-definition (HD), WXGA and HD720 displays.

A test solution for advanced ICs

To test DDIs using the MIPI interface, the standard protocol for mobile electronics, the T6391 can handle I/O pin frequencies up to 1.6 Gbps. When equipped with an additional measurement module, the system can test even faster 6.5-Gbps interfaces that are used in LCD drivers for ultra-high-definition televisions including the 4K (2160p) generation.

An onboard 16-channel arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and digital capture feature make it quick and easy to test analog ICs. In addition, the tester's scan pattern generator (SCPG), algorithmic pattern generator (ALPG) and address fail memory (AFM) features facilitate scan and memory testing.