Die Level Handler


Flexible handling & probing system for singulated die testing. Ideal for pinpointing Known Good Die (KGD) and Known Good Stacks (KGS)

HA1000 Die-Level-Handler (DLH) probes individual dies and unpackaged 3D stacks and 2.5D devices. An integrated high accuracy vision alignment system supports high-pin-count probing of fine-pitch devices while the Active Thermal Control (ATC) system maintains device temperature.

High-accuracy contact

The HA1000 includes a precise vision alignment system which can position the finest pitched probes on leading edge device features.

Handle various device size

The system can handle device size from 3x3mm up to 33x33mm.
Devices can be thick or thin.

Advanced thermal technology

The HA1000 includes an integrated fast-responding ActiveThermal Control system (ATC). Depending on the size of the device and temperature setpoint the HA1000 can heat or cool parts of up to 300 watts.
The HA1000 incorporates a flexible dual-fluid thermal control system which responds quickly to all thermal needs of the device to the desired temperature in the range -40°C to +125°C with industry leading thermal resistance.