Hadatomo™ Photoacoustic Microscope WEL5100


Noninvasive, High Contrast Imaging of Blood Vessels to a Depth of 3mm

Evaluations of treatments for blood circulation disorders, as well as regenerative medicine therapies, currently rely on biopsies and animal experiments, but these methods have well-noted shortcomings. Advantest's new Hadatomo™ photoacoustic microscope addresses these drawbacks, offering researchers an unprecedented non-invasive process for analyzing blood vessels within the dermis. Utilizing a new imaging method that combines optical technology and ultrasound, the Hadatomo™ provides high-contrast images of blood vessels without the use of contrast agents. This new imaging technology is poised to contribute to further advances in regenerative medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery.

Quasi-Real Time Imaging

Imaging of a 4 mm square area takes just 20 seconds.
High-speed imaging reduces patient stress and improves diagnosis times.

Proprietary Image Reconstruction Algorithms

Advantest's proprietary image reconstruction algorithms eliminate the need for an optical lens or acoustic lens, providing sharp, clear images regardless of the depth of the target area.
Setup is easy, requiring no calculations of target area depth.


No contrast agent required

Flexible Measurement

The Hadatomo's compact frame makes it easy to move around.
Its flexible arm enables analysis of hard-to-reach areas.