Hadatomo™ Z Photoacoustic Microscope WEL5200


Noninvasive, 3D Imaging of Blood Vessels to a Depth of 3mm

"Hadatomo™ Z" is able to display 3D images of the vascular network by determining blood vessel structures with photoacoustic waves and dermis structures with ultrasonic waves.


A single system enables measurement with a dual-wavelength photoacoustic wave method, to distinguish arteries and veins by oxygen saturation, and an ultrasonic wave method, to visualize dermis structure by measuring differences in hardness of components.

Quasi-real-time imaging

The photoacoustic wave images and the ultrasonic wave images are measured simultaneously, with a minimum measurement time of 40 seconds (Range: 6 mm x 3 mm x 3 mm (depth)) and maximum time of 210 seconds (Range: 6 mm x 6 mm x 3 mm (depth)).

High-resolution images obtained with easy operation

An ultrasonic sensor developed especially for this system provides a high-resolution crosssection view. Focus points can be easily located by observing the cross-section.

Flexible design with easy operation and portability

The compactly designed system, equipped with a measurement unit mounted on a flexible arm, is installed on a system unit with caster wheels, easy to set up to measure various parts of the body.


Applying a small amount of water to the measurement area is enough for measurement.
Non-invasive measurement is possible without any contrast agent.

Acquires data for 3-dimensional imaging

Measurement data are displayed as 2-dimensional cross-section images in real-time, and acquisition of 3-dimensional data images is possible. 3-dimensional image analysis is possible with customer-provided rendering software.