B6700 Series

Memory Burn-in Tester

With the semiconductor memory market expected to grow significantly in the future, chip makers require a fast, high-volume burn-in test solution to keep pace with their customers' growing demand.
B6700 series fulfills this need by testing multiple burn-in boards in parallel at speeds up to 10 MHz.
Also by incorporating the memory test function that we have cultivated over many years, it can run test while burn-in, and the testing process can be improved.



B6700 can test as many as 48 burn-in boards in parallel at speeds up to 10 MHz, which helps memory suppliers get their newest products to market faster while also reducing testing costs.
An original high performance chamber improves yield by assuring high temperature accuracy while generating high temperature.
It also shortens the temperature rise and fall time which leads to shortening the test time.


B6700D for higher throughput 

B6700D uses a high-capacity power supply that delivers a maximum of 256 amps per burn-in board - twice that of the first-generation B6700 tester. In addition, it has twice the driver pin resources as its predecessor, enabling it to reach higher testing frequencies and efficiency.
It can also maintain or increase parallelism to keep throughput high as the number of stacked NAND die per package increases in the future. Additionally, the B6700D's oven can replicate operating conditions while controlling temperature in 0.1 ℃ increments.


B6700ES / B6700DES for engineering purpose

B6700ES incorporates all capabilities of the B6700, and B6700DES incorporates all capabilities of B6700D into a smaller configuration for engineering purpose.
It contributes to a reduced TAT (turn around time) from R&D to device production.


B6700L for wider temperature range 

B6700L has the same resources as the B6700D while accommodating a wider temperature range. The ability to perform temperature-controlled testing from -40° C to +150° C in one-tenth of a degree increments makes this system well suited for reliability and automotive-device testing. The B6700L also can simultaneously test up to 12 B6700D-compatible burn-in boards (BIB) and test programs.


B6700S for zero-footprint configuration 

B6700S system offers a dramatically lower-cost test solution for NAND flash memories while offering the same capabilities as its sister systems. The B6700S offers a unitized function of the B6700D and can be embedded within a multi-wafer probing system used in individual wafer-level testing, avoiding any costs associated with occupying floor space in lab or production environments.