Memory Test System

Memory ICs are used in many products such as personal computers, smartphones, data centers, and automobiles. The performance of these chips is rapidly evolving across the board. In future they will be required to have even higher functionality and quality.

The new inteXcell series is an integrated test cell solution that combines a wide range of test functions and high-throughput handling with a highly flexible system architecture that meets the stringent test requirements of the memory IC test process.

The inteXcell's test cell infrastructure integrates a T5835 memory tester optimized for use in high-productivity test cells and is designed to adopt future memory solutions. With inteXcell, ICs can be tested on the same platform from initial engineering through mass production.

Early units can test up to 1,536 devices in parallel with high speed and high accuracy, and make 384 simultaneous measurements per cell. Highly compact, the test cell infrastructure uses only one-third of the floor space occupied by conventional test systems. Since each cell uses independent asynchronous testing, inteXcell can be configured with anywhere from one to four testers, enabling streamlined cell-based maintenance and higher system uptime.

The inteXcell provides solutions for many challenges in the memory IC test process, not just test cell structure.

The inteXcell handler unit uses a vertical connection method to provide an efficient and highly accurate thermal test environment (operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C, with an option to extend the range from -55 to 150°C) together with a new, compact chamber structure. New functions such as an automatic position correction function and a one-touch type replacement kit also improve maintainability and reduce downtime. In addition, the status monitoring software comprehensively manages maintenance and temperature data for the handler unit, making it possible to develop predictive maintenance notifications using AI analysis. The production efficiency of the test process is further improved by the operational support function of the automatic driving robot (AGV, OHT).

Wide Coverage T5835 Integration

T5835 Integration is a system for integrating FLASH/DRAM package test capabilities into the inteXcell. The inteXcell tester unit integrates with the T5835 test module, which covers a wide range of memory devices, to achieve high-speed, high-precision, cost-effective, industry-leading parallel test performance.
InteXcell also maintains compatibility with the AS2 platform, Advantest’s memory tester standard. Future module availability makes it easy for inteXcell users to upgrade to the latest test capabilities with the same operational benefits and floorspace efficiency, while minimizing ongoing investment.

Key Specifications: Tester Unit

Target Application Memory Devices Packaged Level Test
Parallel Testing 384DUTs parallel testing per test cell
Maximum 1,536DUTs parallel testing by 4test cell configration is possible.
Test Speed Up to 5.4Gbps

Key Specifications: Handler Unit

Target packages BGA, CSP, QFP, etc.
Parallel measurement capacity 384/1 cell, 1536/4 cell (maximum)
Throughput 36,500 DUTs/hour
Temperature application range -40~125℃ / -55~150℃ (optional)

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