Memory Test System


A single-system solution for testing both today's speediest memories and hyper-fast next-generation LP-DDR5 and DDR5 devices

Semiconductor memories are in high demand to meet the needs of fast-growing end markets such as portable electronics and servers. It has been forecasted that applications ranging from mobile devices and data centers to automobiles, gaming systems and graphics cards will consume an estimated 120 billion gigabits of DRAM capacity. To meet this market demand, new generations of memories with data-transfer speeds of 6.4 Gbps and higher are being developed. Advantest's second-generation T5503HS2 tester is designed to handle these ultra-high-speed memory ICs.

Fast Devices Require a Fast Test Solution

The T5503HS2 is designed for evaluating DUTs at speeds up to 8 Gbps with overall timing accuracy of ±45 picoseconds. By using an optional 4.5-GHz high-speed clock, the tester is scalable to support even faster future generations of memory devices.
This highly versatile system uses 16,256 channels to achieve the industry's highest parallelism and best cost efficiency in testing next-generation SDRAM semiconductors as well as existing DDR4 ICs, LP-DDR4 devices and high-bandwidth memories.

Advanced Memory Testing

The system's built-in capabilities make the T5503HS2 the only production-volume tester that supports advanced features on both LP-DDR5 and DDR5 devices. It automatically recognizes and adjusts DQS-DQ timing differences to secure better timing margins by real-time tracking and its robust algorithmic pattern generator (ALPG) facilitates rapid, high-quality testing of innovative device features.

In addition, a new programmable power supply with response times that are four times faster than its predecessor enables much lower voltage drop.

Scalability for the Future

Installed T5503 testers can be upgraded seamlessly and economically to T5503HS2 systems, allowing users to easily update their production floors to accommodate the next generation of memory devices. With this scalability, the T5503HS2 tester can continue to deliver the high productivity, high accuracy and cost effectiveness needed to maximize ROI.

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