MASK-DR SEM E5600 series


Defect Review SEM supports next-generation photomasks

The E5610 is a MASK DR-SEM(*1) for reviewing and classifying ultra-small defects in photomask and blanks.
Utilizing Advantest's highly stable, full automatic image capture technology, the E5610 easily imports defect location data from mask inspection systems and automatically images the locations. In addition, it features an newly developed EDS(*2) module that performs elemental analysis.
With its high-accuracy, high-throughput defect review capability, the E5610 is expected to contribute to next-generation photomask production quality improvement and shorter manufacturing TAT.


*1: DR-SEM = Defect Review - Scanning Electron Microscope

*2: EDS = Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry


  • High Spatial Resolution
  • High Stable, Fully Automatic Image Capture
  • Compatible with Mask Inspection Systems
  • Elemental Composition Analysis Option

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