Analog Test System


Tests general-purpose logic and analog devices at low costs.

Diversification of applications such as digital home appliences, mobile-phones and office automation peripherals is giving rise together with detailed manufacturing processes to high-speed, high-accuracy and high-function general-purpose logic ICs, general purpose analog ICs, optical semiconductor devices and discrete devices.

The T7912 developed based on these device-measuring technologies cultivated in a lapse of long time is an analog test system that supports performance evaluation as well as mass production tests. It will strongly assist customers' businesses enabling high quality tests of excellent cost performance as well.

The system configuration matched for intended use

An optimal system construction can be chosen according to intended-use, because it can be used on the same platform in its minimum and maximum construction.

Moreover, a maximum of up to eight simultaneous measurements of high speed and high accuracy have been realized to contribute to improvement in the throughput during mass production.

Improvement in the speed of DC examination with the high-speed par-pin DC

It is possible to measure analog pins at high speed and with high precision which increase in accordance with the loading of par-pin DC units with a maximum of 72 pins.

Device program creation tools

Since a menu-driven method is used as tools for device and program creation, device programs can be easily created. (Option Software)

Major Specifications

Target Devices General-purpose Logic IC, General-purpose Analog IC, Optical semiconductor device, Discrete device etc.
Parallel Testing Max. 8 devices

Basic Configuration

Device Power Supply 2 channels to max. 8 channels
±128V/±32mA, ±64V/±80mA, ±16V/±500mA, ±16V/±2A (pulse)
Power Supply for I/O 8 channels to max. 64 channels
±64V/±32mA, ±16V/±64mA


High Voltage Power Supply 1 channel to 8 channels (MPX switch)
+2kV/+1mA (per 1 channel)
Time Measurement Unit 8ch (A/B×4ch)
Measurement Range 5ns to 10s
Resolution 100ps