SoC Test System


The Scalable SoC Test Platform

The requirements of todays industry for even higher speeds, performance and pin counts means that test systems must offer greater functionality while maintaining low cost of test. With its scalable platform architecture, the V93000 tests a wide range of devices, from low cost IoT to high end, such as advanced automotive devices or highly integrated multicore processors. Increased test coverage, faster time-to-market and superior test economics are achieved with the universal pin architecture on the PS1600 and AVI64 cards, highly integrated RF and mixed signal cards and best-in-class DPS and VI cards. Meeting todays test needs requires not only innovative technology, but also an extendable system architecture to ensure long equipment lifetime, for the greatest return on customers’ capital investment.

Advantest’s V93000 Smart Scale generation incorporates innovative per-pin testing capabilities. Each pin runs it own sequencer program for maximum flexibility and performance, for example in multisite applications. Full test processor control ensures time synchronization between all card types, like digital, Power, RF, mixed signal and so on. The user benefits are reduced test time, best repeatability and simplified program creation. The system design makes it easy to extend your configuration with new modules and instrumentation, as your test needs change.

The Ultimate Choice in Scalability



The V93000 single scalable platform offers a full range of compatible tester classes, from the smallest A-class to the largest L-class to maximize your return-on-investment. The class determines the possible size of the configuration and allows to fit the size and performance of the tested device. All features and performance points are available in all classes.



Compatibility across the whole platform

All card types fit in all test heads, which provide the same power, cooling and computer interfacing to each card, independent of tester size. DUT boards can be exchanged, as well as test programs. The scalable design is a key capability to enable outstanding device portfolio coverage and test cost advantages in one single test platform.

Capabilities when and where they are needed

Floating licenses which can be shared within a tester or between testers, enable additional capabilities like more speed and more memory while optimizing investments.

Large Installed Base

Staying focused on the single scalable platform strategy, Advantest has developed a significant installed base of V93000 test systems in both engineering and high volume manufacturing. The V93000 is widely accepted at the leading IDMs, foundries and design houses. Outsourcing IDMs and fabless companies find V93000 test capacity installed in all leading OSATs worldwide.

RF Solution

Architecturally advanced cards provide the high parallelism and massive multi-site capabilities that allow customers to cost-effectively test current and upcoming generations of communication devices.

To remain on pace with the semiconductor technology advances leading to next-generation 5G wireless communications, testing capabilities for RF and mixed-signal ICs must reach new highs in parallelism and throughput. ADVANTEST’s Wave Scale generation of channel cards for the V93000 platform enable highly parallel multi-site and in-site testing that dramatically reduces the cost of test and ultimately the time to market for current and future devices.

Paving the Way for Testing 5G ICs

Wave Scale RF and Wave Scale MX cards help to create paths for testing 5G devices by delivering high-efficiency test solutions for the ICs used in both today’s and emerging 5G NR (3GPP new radio), LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-A Pro smart phones as well as LTE-M, WLAN, GPS, ZigBee, Bluetooth and IoT applications. The cards’ advanced architectures allow for highly parallel testing of multiple communication standards or multiple paths within each device, resulting in high multi-site efficiency and a much lower cost of test.


Versatile Digital Solution

Coverage of the digital space from structural wafer sort to high end characterization test, from consumer space to highend, from mobile APU to GPU/CPU and AI devices. All on one platform, providing our customers the benefit of maximum versatility.


Industry Challenges

The drive for more functions per die and the drive for power reduction to enable ever longer battery lifetime of mobile devices drives technology nodes. Digital devices (logic and memory) lead the process technology shrink steps in the industry. Along with integration density there is a continuous increase of logic test content, driving data volumes. Very high speed I/O technology, SerDes based (such as PCIe, USB, HDMI.. ) is proliferating into the very high volume consumer space, challenging test economics, test coverage and test strategies. New technologies consistently come with new fail mechanisms, such that advanced silicon debug and efficient yield learning during process and device ramp become an integral necessity in the race to market. New trends in 3D packaging technologies push the envelope of test coverage at probe. Seamless integration with the design tools, full automation of the design to test and test back to design flow and process are key to success.


The V93000 Versatile Digital Solution

The V93000 digital test solution is based upon Advantest's proven per-pin architecture, enabling a broad variety of capabilities for the core digital test cases. Whether you need to address very high pin counts, address a high degree of parallelism and multisite efficiency, address large scan data volumes, support sophisticated power delivery or explore very high speeds or timing accuracy, the V93000 provides solutions across the entire space in one go.

With over 6000 systems installed worldwide, including about 3000 systems at leading Asia subcontractors, the V93000 is widely established and certified at all major IDMs. The platform has become the all purpose reference platform.

Superior cross platform compatibility allows our upstream customers to choose from state of the art latest systems or load the same base program on the large fleet of legacy V93000 system for the more mature products, thus picking optimum cost of test operating points. For the OSATs the cross generation compatibility means maximum investment protection, optimum reuse of resources and a high degree of flexibility for load balancing within the fleet.

The uncompromised per-pin architecture of the V93000 resources as deployed in the SmartScale series results in a number of key benefits and assets for the digital application domain:

  • All per-pin DC resources - leading maximum parallelism
  • Per-pin TMU - addressing the pervasive use of local PLL-based time domain synthesis avoiding special resources and routing
  • Per-pin sequencing - enabling flexible I/O port assignments and concurrent execution of multi domain functions
  • Versatile and scalable power supplys sources up to 500 A or more with exceptional load step response time
  • Flexible vector memory architecture and licensing options enabling a broad mix of deep scan to high speed functional tests
  • Leading edge performance cards provide the base for high speed solutions up to 32 Gbps.

PAC (Power Analog Control) Solution

The V93000 PAC solution offers a set of instruments to address the diverse test needs for power, analog and controller ICs. With high density cards, universal features and precision force and measurement capabilities the PAC solution enables leading CoT savings at high site count testing.


Addressing semiconductor test challenges

Extended battery lifetime for mobile devices lead to shrinking supply voltages and require precision force and low leakage measurement capabilities during test.

Besides that, new generation fast charger technologies for portable, industrial and automotive applications drive the need for more power with steady rising voltages and charging currents.

The ongoing semiconductor integration trend leads to complex I/O structures which demand the connection of universal ATE resources featuring analog, mixed signal and digital capabilities on the same instrument channel.

The AVI64, FVI16 and PowerMUX instruments further expand the usage of the single scalable V93000 test platform with an uncompromised feature set such as:

  • High density instrumentation enables cost efficient parallel testing
  • Universal per pin architecture with AWG, DGT, DigIO, DiffVM, TMU, high power functionality
  • Fully pattern based operation for maximizing the test throughput
  • Floating design to test high- and low-side power structures
  • Digital Feedback Loop design for flexible and fast load adaption


The universal digital pin PS1600 offers high end digital functionality as well as analog test performance. Combined with the high density DUT power supply DPS128 the solution offers highly parallel test capability for MCUs with embedded analog cores as well as SmartCards and NFC controllers.


Pin Scale 1600 Digital Card


The Pin Scale 1600 digital channel card brings a new dimension in test flexibility. Per pin capabilities such as individual clock domain, high accuracy DC and industry-leading digital performance are expanded with the Pin Scale 1600.


Pin Scale 9G Digital Card


The Pin Scale 9G is the only fully integrated, high-speed, digital instrument covering the entire range from DC up to 8 Gigabits per second. With its flexibility, the Pin Scale 9G can test any combination of parallel or serial, single ended or differential, and uni- or bi-directional interfaces.


DC Scale DPS128


High density DPS for massive multi-site applications - extending the power supply versatility of the V93000. Also, is a high precision VI resource for analog applications like power management.


Wave Scale RF


Optimal Testing for RF Devices

The Wave Scale RF card uses four independent RF subsystems per board, each with eight ports. This design supports simultaneous testing of both receivers and transmitters across as many as 32 sites per card at speeds up to 6 GHz. Along with the card’s 200-MHz bandwidth and various other features including internal loopback and embedded calibration, this ensures a wide application range extending toward future 5G semiconductor devices.


Wave Scale MX high-speed


Test Solution for Mixed-Signal ICs

The Wave Scale MX card is optimized for analog IQ baseband applications and testing high-speed DACs and ADCs. With 32 fully independent instruments per board and an additional PMU at each pogo, it can also perform highly accurate DC measurements. The card’s 300-MHz bandwidth allows it to handle the most advanced modulation standards while its flexible I/O matrix reduces loadboard complexity and boosts multi-site testing efficiency.


Wave Scale MX high-resolution


Extends Highly Parallel Testing Capabilities

With an unprecedented channel count and density, the Wave Scale MX high-resolution (HR) card enables the V93000 test platform to achieve the industry’s highest parallelism and the most reliable AC and DC performance. The card’s innovative architecture allows simultaneous and fully independent testing on as many as 32 instruments with totally different settings, significantly reducing the cost of test for complex mixed-signal devices. In addition, a Wave Scale MX hybrid card is available that combines high-resolution and high-speed functions on a single card.
Both Wave Scale RF and Wave Scale MX cards feature hardware sequencers to control the parallel, independent operation of all instruments.




Universal Analog Pin covers widest application range

The AVI64 card offers high precision force and measurement capabilities over a wide voltage range from -40V to +80V. It is suited for automotive, industrial and consumer IC testing. Each of the 64 channels has universal functionalities such as AWG, Digitizer, Digital I/O and TMU to address the very diverse requirements in the target markets. The operation area is further expanded by multiple 20-bit high resolution AWGs, floating high current units as well as differential voltmeters, all accessible at every instrument channel.




Floating VI Source for High Power Applications

The FVI16 card is suited for power applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer PMIC area.
Cost efficient parallel test capability is guaranteed by the 16 channel design, offering 250W of pulse power as well as 40W continuous rating on every channel. Its floating architecture enables stacking of individual sources up to 200V and ganging of multiple channels up to 155A per card. Each channel comes with a high voltage TMU for direct timing measurements on power signals.




Reducing loadboard complexity in Power Applications

The PowerMUX card offers a "sea of switches" for individual usage in typical power applications.
Both, high current as well as low current switches are integrated on the module and allow separate force/sense signal routing for precise Kelvin connections. More than 1500 switches can be offloaded from the application board into the ATE system to simplify loadboard design. The switches operate in a voltage range up to +/-120V and up to 5A pulse power and can be parallelized for higher current applications.

Direct Probe™

High-performance, multi-site functional testing now possible at wafer probe


Advantest's V93000 Direct Probe™solution reduces the length and number of signal path transitions between tester and probe card enabling the industry's highest test performance to now be brought to wireless, WLCSP, MPU and GPU devices at wafer probe.

Working closely with leading probe card manufacturers, Advantest has successfully overcome traditional barriers to delivering high performance test at wafer probe. Advantest's Direct Probe™ reduces the length and number of signal-path connections between tester pin electronics and probe points, significantly improving signal integrity for device testing. With higher quality signals, the control and performance needed for accurate stimulation and full functional testing of digital, mixed-signal and RF devices directly on the wafer is possible.

Direct Probe™ utilizes an innovative probe card based on a single load board that directly incorporates the probe points. The single load board can leverage existing final test designs and can be shared between wafer probe and final test, reducing hardware development time and hardware cost.

Direct Probe™ is mechanically designed and engineered for contact force management and with the planarity to support large surfaces and high pin counts at wafer test. The result: excellent mechanical and electrical contact is assured.

  • With Advantest's V93000 Direct Probe solution, manufacturers can now take a major step forward toward complete high performance functional testing at wafer probe and significantly lower cost of test
  • Maximum test resource utilization, high parallelism and high throughput for lowest cost of test
  • Shorter hardware development time and cost due to innovative probe card design
  • High-performance signal integrity from tester pin electronics to probe tip
  • Mechanically designed for contact force management and planarity to support large surfaces and high pin counts at wafer test


Introducing Direct Probe 2.0

Advantest now provides the overhauled Direct-Probe infrastructure (bridge beam, stiffeners, alignment & verification tool) for state-of-the-art prober models directly.




Advantest’s bridge beams provide:

  • Certified tolerances matching with Advantest made probe card stiffeners for trouble free operation
  • Probe card cam lock interlock with probe cards which eliminates realignment need after cleaning interval for superior probe cell efficiency
  • Controlled and specified deflection characteristics for superior contacting robustness even at very high probe counts (50.000)


The Advantest bridge beams are specifically designed to match all application areas, featuring cut outs to provide the required instrument space, so that the new front-end modules can access the DUT interface board / probe card. (Cut outs impact deflection/rigidity properties)



Feature Benefit
Scalable support of digital, mixed-signal and RF devices Ideal for wireless, WLCSP, MPU and GPU devices; Maximum test resource utilization for greatest return on capital investment
Test head in direct contact with probe card High-performance signal integrity for functional test at wafer stage
High multi-site capability High parallelism and throughput to lower cost of test
Contact force up to 400KG with superior planarity Excellent contact quality for large die and high pin count devices
Superior probe card interlock Superior x/y repeatability after cleaning step.
Interlock eliminates the need for probe card alignment after probe head cleaning
High rigidity for different application areas WaveScale RF/PMUX beam
General purpose/digital beam
PortScale RF beam


Detailed Benefits

Highest performance for high-volume manufacturing, multi-site probe test of digital, mixed-signal and RF devices at wafer stage
  • Enables probe test of high pin count MPU/GPU devices requiring high digital performance and high current contacting
  • Consumer audio/video, mixed-signal and RF devices that are rapidly moving to wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) and require high performance probe test
Maximum test resource utilization, high parallelism and high throughput for lowest cost of test

With greater multi-site testing, reduced index times (<1s) and faster test times, manufacturers can achieve the high throughput needed to drive down cost of test.

Innovative probe card design, reducing hardware cost and hardware design time

V93000 Direct Probe™ 's innovative probe card design, places the probe assembly directly on the load board, improving test performance and reducing hardware cost and hardware design time from design to production.

High-performance signal integrity from tester pin electronics to probe tip

The current industry standard for wafer prober interface (Pogo Tower) degrades the signal quality because the signal must pass through multiple transition points and a distance of 4 to 5 inches. V93000 Direct Probe™ interfaces the test head directly with the probe assembly, reducing the length and number of signal path transitions, maintaining signal integrity.

Mechanically designed for contact force management and planarity to support large surfaces and high pin counts at wafer test

V93000 Direct Probe™ addresses all major contacting challenges (pad probe, Flip Chip, TSV(Through Silicon Vias) and WLCSP) by supporting contact force up to 400 kg and maintaining planarity (1mm over 44,000mm2) for excellent mechanical and electrical contact quality for large die sizes and in high pin count devices such as with MPUs and GPUs.

Probe card cam lock interlock with probe cards which eliminates realignment need after cleaning interval for superior probe cell efficiency

During card clamp operation, Direct-Probe Bridge Beam pushes and holds probe card alignment pins to the datum point, and constraints XY card movement.


V93000 SmarTest System Software Downloads

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