V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System

SoC Test System

Leading-edge Technology Meets the Extreme Test Challenges of the Age of Convergence and Exascale Computing

Today's most advanced semiconductor processes allow for technology transformations that enable real-time integration of data from a countless number of sources such as IoT and handheld devices, automobiles and large servers to name a few. As mobile processors, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) ICs evolve, the amount of data being processed continues to grow exponentially. Along with these advancements, new testing challenges, including very high scan-data volumes, extreme power requirements, fast yield-learning, and high-multisite configurations, need to be addressed. Advantest's new V93000 EXA Scale generation addresses these challenges with innovative advancements on the proven V93000 architecture.

The new V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test Systems are targeted at advanced digital ICs up to the exascale performance class. The systems' new test heads incorporate Xtreme Link technology, and the EXA Scale universal digital and power supply cards that enable new test methodologies, lower cost-of-test and faster time-to-market.

High Integration Technology

All EXA Scale cards are designed with the latest generation of Advantest's test processors with 8 cores per chip, featuring unique capabilities to speed up and simplify test execution.

With 256 channels on the Pin Scale 5000 digital card and XPS256 power supply card, the density is doubled, while maintaining the industry-leading V93000 highly integrated form factor. High-multisite configurations can be implemented in smaller physical systems, reducing infrastructure cost and floor-space requirements.

  • 16 fully independent pins in smallest form factor:
    16 high speed cores, MIPS processors, DSP cores.

Specialized ATE Network with Edge Compute

The V93000 EXA Scale system employs Advantest's patented Xtreme Link technology, a communication network designed specifically for automatic test equipment (ATE). The technology provides high-speed data connections, embedded computing power, and instant card-to-card communication.

Setting a new ATE standard in scan test & universal digital pin performance

The new Pin Scale 5000 digital card is designed to address the explosion of scan data volumes which are inherent to large digital designs. The Pin Scale 5000 is setting a new standard for scan test with 5Gbit/s speed, providing the deepest vector memory available on the market and using the Xtreme Link technology for the industry's fastest processing of results. With this technology, customers can choose the most efficient scan methodology for their device.

The Power Supply with Extended Capabilities

Very high current requirements up to several 1000A at supply voltages below 1V make power delivery capabilities of ATE a differentiating factor. The XPS256 power supply is another industry innovation, covering all power requirements with a single DPS card: fine-granular power, unlimited and flexible ganging and exceptional static and dynamic performance.

Lower Cost of Test for High-voltage Devices

The power requirements for electronic components are increasing. To be able to continue testing them, sources with higher performances are needed. The XPS128+HV serves this trend and is an extension of the XPS series that is specifically targeted at applications with higher voltage requirements. USB power delivery components and charger functionalities in power management ICs (PMIC) are potential use cases and ideal covered by this XPS's 128 channels with +24 V capability. Furthermore, its high channel density makes it ideal for multisite applications and helps customers to reduce their cost of test.

Enhancing the infrastructure while keeping compatibility

Scalable solutions extend across test heads of different sizes, including the ability to test a mix of device functions, like digital, RF, analog and power on one test system.

The V93000 EXA Scale generation renews Advantest`s commitment to platform compatibility. Existing V93000 load boards and Smart Scale cards are compatible, supporting a smooth transition to the V93000 EXA Scale generation and best asset utilization. With the continued use of the proven SmarTest software, customers benefit from the installed base software infrastructure and tooling.

Advantest Provides the Solution

As technology moves into the era of exascale computing, extreme test challenges arise in the areas of performance, cost-of-test, quality and time-to-volume. They are all addressed with the innovations that EXA Scale brings to the time-tested V93000 platform.

Power of Innovation. Strength of Scale.

A Compact Engineering Test Station for the V93000 Platform for the Bring Up of Complex Digital Devices

The highly compact and cost-efficient EXA Scale EX test station provides an optimized solution for boosting the capacity of engineering labs while also being fully compatible with high-volume manufacturing, making it easy for engineers to integrate newly developed test content into production-worthy test programs. It supports structural and functional test bring up, offering customers a cost-effective optimized solution.

The EX test station fits under Advantest’s single-site M4171 automated handler, enabling a fourfold increase in tester capacity without any increased footprint, minimizing engineering costs, and shortening time-to-market. Combined with the M4171 handler, it forms a highly automated engineering test cell with remote-access capabilities.

Pin Scale Multilevel Serial

Designed for use with the V93000 EXA Scale ATE platform, Pin Scale Multilevel Serial is both the first native EXA Scale HSIO instrument and the first fully integrated HSIO ATE instrument to address signaling requirements for advanced communication interfaces.

HSIO interfaces, long prevalent in the computing space, have found their way into consumer interfaces such as HDMI®, DisplayPort™ and USB. In the computing space, PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 and 6.0 are entering the multi-gigabit data-rate range and being leveraged in embedded single-board computers. Companies testing large digital designs and their interfaces, from microcontrollers and mobile application processors to high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI) devices, require HSIO to accommodate these high-density designs.

  • Pin Scale Multilevel Serial Fully-Integrated, Fully-Fledged HSIO ATE with Multilevel Deep Vector Memory for Data Applications Characterization and HVM Feature Set for HSIO