SSD Engineering Station


MPT3000ES Provides Powerful SSD Test Tools at the Engineer’s Desk


Using the same high-performance electronics and powerful software as the original MPT3000 unit, the new MPT3000ES features a small footprint configured to test up to eight SSDs in parallel. The system's small size and ability to plug into a standard AC outlet enable users to conduct program development and interactive device debugging in either office or lab settings.

Up to 8 lanes of 12 Gbps

As a standalone system, the MPT3000ES is a valuable addition to any engineer’s toolbox for SSD analysis and debugging. It helps customers accelerate SSD product development and time-to-manufacturing ramp. The system's electronics allow full performance testing by providing up to 8 lanes of 12-Gbps signaling and independent power supplies for each SSD.

Changeable application boards to handle multiple form factors

The MPT3000ES has changeable application boards to handle multiple form factors such as 2.5-inch drives, half- and full-height PC cards, SFF-8639, M.2, BGA and devices with customized form factors. Along with the station's multi-protocol support, this flexibility enables SSD manufacturers to pursue multiple business opportunities simultaneously using a single test platform.

Software compatibility

The station uses the same proven, easy-to-use StylusTM software tools and revolutionary multi-protocol hardware architecture as the original MPT3000, making it very user friendly. Test programs can be ported directly between the MPT3000ES and the larger MPT3000 for simplified program development and correlation during SSD bring-up and qualification through production.

Target Applications

The MPT3000ES's 8-site configuration targets applications including device analysis, device debug, and program development. PCIe Gen 3.0 x8, both AHCI and NVMe are supported with additional protocols to be released soon.