High-Volume SSD Tester


SSD test solution combines production-volume capacity with high productivity and low cost of test


As the SSD market continues to grow, device manufacturers need a low-cost way to test their expanding product portfolios. The MPT3000HVM tester provides broad capabilities to handle virtually any SSD, from the highest performing enterprise drives to the most cost-effective client devices. This unmatched functionality presents a major advantage in the rapidly changing SSD market.

Optimized for Flexibility

By leveraging our tester-per-DUT architecture and unique hardware acceleration, the MPT3000HVM has the versatility to handle SSDs with a wide variety of protocols and form factors. This single-platform solution supports all major protocols including SATA 6G, SAS 12G and PCIe gen 3 with NVMe or AHCI. In addition, the tester can handle future product generations by using downloadable FPGA firmware.

Interchangeable passive interface boards enable the MPT3000HVM to accommodate all types of form factors including U.2, M.2 and AIC cards. Production change overs between different SSD products take just a few minutes.

The MPT3000HVM is designed to handle the increasing power range of high-performance SSDs while closed-loop thermal control enables it to support devices rated up to 25 watts.

Designed for Cost Efficiency

The tester achieves a low cost of test thanks to its high-density configuration and small footprint, getting the most from available floor space.

Smart Power Option for Integrated Self-Test

With the Smart Power option feature, the MPT3000 system also supports Built-In Self-Test (BIST) insertions in the same configuration as protocol-based testing, with the same thermal performance as well as the use of the same software.

Software-Enabled Functionality

Like other testers in the MPT3000 series, this system uses Stylus™ software to improve its ease of use, match the needs of both engineering and production environments and make it easier to develop code and manage test insertions. The software is supported by a full test-method library and debugging features, allowing all users to easily create desired test flows and coverage. Expert users have the added capability to develop and modify test methods using C/C+ and extensive application programming interfaces (APIs).

The SLATE™ user interface on the MPT3000HVM features engineering, maintenance and operator modes. It is optimized for asynchronous single-DUT testing in high-volume production.