For Automotive Thermal Range Test


Increasing volumes of SSDs are being used in rugged thermal environments. These devices must be proven to withstand harsh conditions. The newest system in the MPT3000 series enables extended thermal testing by meeting automotive and industrial thermal test standards while applying the same proven architecture, software and performance already in wide use by SSD manufacturers.

Performance and Flexibility of MPT3000 with extreme thermal stress testing

The MPT3000ARC utilized the same hardware-accelerated test electronics as all MPT3000 Products, supporting full performance testing of SAS, SATA and PCIe - including Gen 4 - SSDs. The system also has the versatility to accommodate a wide range of SSD form factors, from 40-mm M.2 memories to larger EDSFF devices, through changeable and customizable interface boards. Changing interface boards is quick and easy, enabling rapid changeover to support a wide variety of SSD products on a single system.