For Small Production and DVT


Compact, highly efficient SSD test solution allows customers to accelerate time to qualification for their new designs and time to market for their latest storage products

The rapidly growing storage market has led to booming demand for a wide array of SSD memories with different form factors and protocols. To address this market segment's diverse needs, ADVANTEST continues to extend the capabilities of its MPT3000 series of SSD testers while leveraging the inherent design advantages.

The MPT3000HES2 systems offer the same modular hardware, operating software, thermal performance and interfaces as other members of its product family. What distinguishes this tester is a smaller yet highly efficient configuration. The MPT3000HES2's compact size and tester-per-DUT performance make it ideally suited for applications such as low-volume testing and "copy exactly" engineering support for the MPT3000HVM2 production test systems.

Highly Versatile SSD Testing

Providing the flexibility and performance to test a broad spectrum of storage devices - including U.2, M.2 AIC, and EDSFF form factors; and SATA, SAS and PCIe Gen4 protocols - is critical in the shifting SSD market. The MPT3000HES2 help customers reduce their cost of test, shorten qualification times, and get their expanding product portfolios to market faster.

Extending Functionality with Software

As with other members of the MPT3000 product line, the MPT3000HES2 employ Stylus™ software. This not only makes the system easy to use, but also allows the tester to be applied in either engineering or production environments.

With Stylus, the processes of developing test programs and managing test insertions are greatly simplified. A full, user-customizable test-method library as well as debugging features are included, helping users to readily create desired test flows and coverage. For expert users, C/C++ programming language and extensive application programming interfaces (APIs) are provided to maximize the tester's range of capabilities.