TAS5500 Terahertz Powermeter


Calorimeter-type power meter achieves highly accurate absolute power measurement of terahertz (THz) spatial beam with a measurement accuracy of better than 8%

The TAS5500 powermeter draws on Advantest's amassed proprietary terahertz analysis technology to deliver measurement accuracy of > (+-) 8%, as calibrated against a primary standard based on the 10.6um standard set by Japan's AIST. It will be invaluable as a basic measurement instrument to researchers in the fields of terahertz spectroscopy, terahertz communications, and other R&D sectors. 

Key Specifications

Optical input 10mm active diameter with manual shutter
Frequency range 0.3 – 10THz
Accuracy 11% or less 1) 2) (0.4 – 10THz)
Power range 100mW – 20uW
Response time (95%) 30 sec or less
Display Readout software on user PC with USB-IF
?Supported OS: Windows7, 32/64bit, English/Japanese)
Analysis software function Log, linear, statistic, trend graph display function
Remote control function by user application
Operating environment Temperature range?+10°C – +30°C
Relative humidity?80% or less?no condensation?
Storage environment Temperature range?-10°C – +50°C
Relative humidity?80% or less?no condensation?
External dimensions, mass 115(W) x  67(d) x 79(H)mm (sensor unit, protruding parts not included?
900g or less(sensor unit?

1) Refering to band-enlarged Advantest's standard based on the national standard of 10.6um, uncertainty 2?, for 6 months.

2) Calibrated by 5mm beam at sensor center

* Specifications may change without notification



*TAS5500 in use