3D Imaging Analysis System


TAS7000 3D Imaging Analysis System

The TAS7000(*1) 3D(*2) imaging analysis system exploits the unique properties of terahertz waves(*3).The TAS7000 enables 3D non-destructive analysis of the internal structure and chemical composition of the target object; the results are shown on a 3D display. In addition, this system enables measurement of spectral characteristics and 2D(*4) mapping.
Advantest has developed an unprecedented solution for 3D analysis of industrial materials such as plastics and ceramics, as well as pharmaceutical products.

*1: TAS7000 = This system was developed by Advantest in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kodo Kawase of Nagoya University.

*2: 3D = Three-dimensional

*3: Terahertz waves = Region of electromagnetic spectrum between hundred gigahertz to tens of terahertz.

*4: 2D = Two-dimensional


  • A global first: non-destructive 2D and 3D analysis utilizing Terahertz wave
    The TAS7000 enables non-destructive, 2D and 3D analysis of the internal composition and structure of measurement targets, utilizing computed tomography (CT) and exploiting the unique properties of terahertz waves.
    The TAS7000 enables not only analysis of the structural homogeneity of an internal substance, but also identification of constituents and quantitative distribution measurement.
    Moreover, in contrast with other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz waves can penetrate various types of materials with moderate transmittance, allowing for analysis.
  • High-speed measurement utilizes Advantest's terahertz optical sampling technology
    The TAS7000 relies on Advantest's newly developed, ultra-short pulse femtosecond optical fiber laser technology for terahertz wave generation and detection, and utilizes the company's original terahertz wave high-speed optical sampling technique. Thus, it delivers measurement throughput approximately 1000 times greater than the previous system.
  • Broadband terahertz wave spectroscopic analysis up to 3THz
    The TAS7000 enables broadband, high-resolution spectroscopic analysis up to a maximum analytical frequency of 3THz. The system is ideally suited for acquiring fingerprint spectra of a comprehensive range of chemical, industrial, and biological materials. For high precision, the system has the option to remove water vapor from the sample chamber by flowing dry air during the measurement.