TS9000 Series TDR Option TS9000 Series TDR Option

High resolution TDR/TDT utilizing terahertz technology for non-destructive analysis of faults in semiconductors, printed boards and electronic components

TS9000 TDR Option


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As devices grow smaller and more highly integrated, high-precision technology with extremely fine spatial resolution is necessary to locate faults within circuits. However, existing measurement instruments such as oscilloscope TDR are unable to meet the requirements of the most advanced devices, as the rise time of the short pulse cannot be reduced beyond a certain point, limiting the resolution that can be achieved. Advantest's terahertz technology transcends the limits of existing technology by utilizing short-pulse waves for analysis of electrical circuits.

High resolution
Faults can be located to within less than 5µm
Large measurement area
300mm maximum range
Supports multiple device types
3 separate probes cover a variety of applications
Customizations for leading-edge contact shapes are possible on request
Visual mapping of fault positions
Faults can be mapped on the CAD data of the DUT (option sold separately)

Suggested Applications

  • TSVs (Through Silicon Vias) connection fault analysis
  • Interposer wiring fault analysis
  • Bump/ball break and connection fault analysis

Analysis Schematic

  • PASSPass
  • FAILFail

3D semiconductor wiring faults and TDR measurement examples

The TDR Option outputs pulses to the DUT. By detecting the signals that are reflected from fault areas, and measuring their return time, fault areas can be located with pinpoint precision. Utilizing Advantest's market-proven extremely low-jitter femtosecond pulse laser, the tool achieves superior spatial resolution of less than 5µm.