TS9000 Series Terahertz Analysis System TS9000 Series Terahertz Analysis System

An innovative system for analysis of wiring quality in ICs, printed board and electric devices, utilizing terahertz technology

The TS9000 series leverages Advantest's industry-leading terahertz analysis technology and expertise amassed over our decades as a global leader in semiconductor test equipment. This system provides a new high-speed, high-precision solution for measurement and analysis tasks including IC chip mold thickness and IC package / printed board wiring quality, which existing methods cannot measure adequately.

TS9000 Series Options

MTA Option (Mold Thickness Analysis)

The MTA option generates terahertz pulses which are partially reflected by the surface of the package, and partially by layers within the package. Their reflections are detected, and the times taken for these reflections to return are computed, enabling the system to measure the thickness of the mold.

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TS9000 MTA Option

TDR Option (Time Domain Reflectometry)

High resolution TDR/TDT utilizing terahertz technology locates wiring errors in IC packages, printed boards, and electronic components. Errors can be pinpointed and mapped on the CAD data of the item under analysis.

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TS9000 TDR Option