Basic Policy and System for Promoting ESG Initiatives

The Advantest Group sets long-term goals for challenges concerning the environment, society, and corporate governance and defines relevant KPIs based on the ESG Initiatives Basic Policy (and the Advantest Group’s environmental policies), promoting responsible initiatives that contribute to solving social issues.

ESG Initiatives Basic Policy

  1. In line with the corporate philosophy expressed in the Advantest Way, we believe that taking full consideration of, and implementing concrete actions related to, ESG-related factors is essential for achieving sustainability for both Advantest and society in general. Based on this understanding, we aim for improvement of corporate value over the medium to long term. To fulfill that responsibility, we will strengthen and expand our business while balancing earning power with transparent decision-making and actions, within a framework of respect for stakeholders, consideration for the environment, and harmonious coexistence with society in general. We will also work to contribute to achievement of the SDGs with a view to the sustainability of our global future.

  2. Our basic policy is as follows.


    We continuously seek ways to reduce the environmental impact on the planet and our communities where we live, work, and do business.


    We fulfill social responsibilities with a presence throughout the world.


    We strive to consistently deliver high-quality products and services to our customers.


    We appropriately return profits and disclose information to our shareholders and investors.


    We treat our employees fairly, and ensures a positive work environment.


    We collaborate and cooperates with our suppliers.


    We build a fair, efficient, and highly transparent governance system.

Promotion Framework

Advantest has newly formed the Sustainable Management Promotion Working Group (SMWG) in FY2020 to serve as a governance system to achieve sustainable management. Run directly by the Executive Management Committee, this SMWG consists of the representing executive of each HQ and other members.
With the assistance of the SMWG, we formulated the ESG Action Plan, incorporating the key ESG issues in each unit. The ESG Action Plan policies and themes related to climate change from each department. After the ESG Action Plan is approved through the deliberations of the Executive Management Committee, each unit derives a variety of measures and takes charge of implementing initiatives. The achievement statuses of the ESG Action Plan are reported on to the Executive Management Committee and the Board of Directors for discussion and evaluation twice a year.


Reporting and Information Disclosure

The SMWG will report the implementation status of the ESG Action Plan to the Executive Management Committee and the Board of Directors twice a year. And the SMWG will also endeavor to disclose it to external stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner through, for example, Integrated Annual Report.