Message from Advantest’s Director of Sustainable Management


Towards a "safe, secure, and comfortable society"

In recent years, a series of issues that have been throwing a shadow over society's sustainability have come to light, such as climate change, human rights, and the depletion of resources. Moreover, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced various issues, urging the world to implement solutions. These events have also prompted us to reflect upon ourselves to consider which challenges to address as a company. We are now responding to increased demand for semiconductors for datacenters, personal computers, and smartphones resulting from the dramatic increase in telework, online learning, and other activities around the world, implementing thorough COVID-19 infection prevention measures across our locations, and remotely providing maintenance and support services, etc., all while focusing on providing products and services to customers and ensuring employee safety by increasing telework to ensure the sustainability of our business activities.

The following are our ESG initiatives from the First Medium-Term Management Plan (MTP1) for the three fiscal years from FY2018 through FY2020.
As for the "E," the environmental aspect of ESG, we set a long-term CO2 emissions reduction goal, declared our support for the TCFD recommendations, joined the RE100, and have been pushing to adopt renewable energy, which accounted for 44% of company-wide total energy consumption as of FY2020. As for the "S," the social aspect of ESG, we have donated to medical institutions treating COVID-19 patients around the world, and we have improved our employees’ working styles and working environments. As initiatives for the "G," or governance aspect, we revised the Advantest Way, issued the Integrated Annual Report, abolished the counselling and advisory system, re-evaluated the compensation system, implemented succession planning, expanded the internal whistleblowing system, and made other efforts.

The Second Medium-Term Management Plan (MTP2) launched in FY2021.
As semiconductors become ever more advanced and sophisticated, we strive to ensure their quality and reliability while improving our mass production capabilities; we are consolidating our capacity to develop technologies, supply products, and provide support in order to further improve our engagement with customers and to help foster a sustainable society. Furthermore, we endeavor to reinforce our ESG-related initiatives and promote enhanced information disclosure. First, to reinforce our climate change initiatives, we will create a roadmap for the RE100 initiatives and aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 60% by FY2030 (compared to the FY2018 level). Moreover, we will strive to help realize a decarbonized society with our stakeholders, such as our customers and business partners. Next, in our efforts to address human rights and the working environment, we will attempt to get our entire value chain to align with our beliefs about human rights in order to address challenges related to respect for human rights, diversity, workplace safety, and other matters. We will also focus on developing talent and improving our engagement.

Advantest will continue to share the Advantest Way with our approximately 6,000 employees in order to realize a safe, secure, comfortable, and sustainable society that "Enabling Leading-Edge Technologies," which is our purpose and mission.

We appreciate your continued support.

October 2021
Yasuo Mihashi
Senior Executive Officer
In Charge of Sustainable Management