Advantest's Sustainability Journey

Basic Stance

A company can survive and grow only by continuously contributing to the common good and the enrichment of people's lives. Therefore, the sustainable development of the company itself cannot be achieved unless its management enhances the sustainability of society and the global environment.

Advantest’s purpose and mission is “Enabling Leading-Edge Technologies”. This points to our continual quest for greater social development in the form of contributions to the common good driven by leading-edge technological innovation in electronics, supported by our measurement technology and embodied by our products and services, with which we strive to provide ever greater value to customers around the world.

Advantest’s management goal is to improve corporate value over the medium to long term by contributing through our business activities to a sustainable society that is safe, secure, and comfortable. In order to sustainably develop our business, we must build good relationships with all our stakeholders, including society as a whole, the global environment, our customers, shareholders, employees, and business partners, and develop these relationships in a well-balanced manner. We believe that this is a top-priority endeavor, and by pursuing it, corporate value will improve and stakeholder value will also increase.

Semiconductors and Sustainability

We believe that semiconductors will help secure and support a sustainable future for all of us.

Semiconductors are now embedded in every part of our lives. They are indispensable components not only of personal computers and smartphones, but also domestic appliances, automobiles, and industrial equipment. We now live in a world where everything is connected to the Internet. As the number of networked devices connected to the network increases, the amount of data in the world is expected to increase every year.

On the other hand, demands for reducing environmental impact are also affecting semiconductors. The growth of their energy consumption has been restrained thanks to the advances resting on miniaturization, higher-performance gains, and an emphasis on energy-saving. There has also been a remarkable improvement in the performance and proliferation of power semiconductors. Advantest is responsible for offering test solutions so as to aid semiconductor manufacturers in providing higher-performance semiconductor devices. These efforts will ultimately lead to contributions to future global energy conservation.

Advantest's mission is to continue to meet the challenges (high quality and performance assurance, shortest time to mass production) that our customers face in the evolution of semiconductors, which is driven by the two axes of digital transformation (DX) and green transformation (GX). In carrying out that mission, all executives and employees are guided by "The Advantest Way," and commit to respecting all stakeholders and working for sustainability, while at the same time seeking to ensure the sustainable development of our company and achieve medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value.

For details, please refer to "Innovation Initiatives".

Semiconductor Test Delivers Safety, Security, and Comfort

Realization of Sustainability through ESG Promotion

Advantest recognizes that attentive management based on our purpose and mission is essential for resolving sustainability issues, and creating corporate value over the medium to long term, and has formulated a mid/long-term management policy, our Grand Design, as well as a mid-term management plan. In addition, we are now focused on instilling "The Advantest Way" among our executives and employees.

“The Advantest Way” is the foundational set of our guidelines and commitments that unites the members of the Advantest Group, embracing diverse cultures, languages, customs, and values into one team, and assuring maximum potential of our diverse human capital. The Advantest Way consists of six elements: the first three, our “purpose and mission”, “vision”, and “core values” stipulate what the Advantest Group aims to be and what we should do in order to create value and contribute to the common good over the mid/long term. The second three, “ESG for sustainability”, “guiding principle (Quest for the Essence)”, and “ethical standards” define the basic mindset required of Advantest’s executives and employees for successful implementation of the first three elements.

We have laid out "sustainability through promotion of ESG" as one of the three foundations that support our vision. We have set out the ESG Initiatives Basic Policy and formulated an ESG Action Plan 2021-2023 for its implementation for the achievement of both the creation of a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Group. The ESG Action Plan 2021-2023 sets out 27 goals and KPIs for E / S / G in total. We have deployed these goals among company-wide units and have been working on their promotion and implementation ever since.

Advantest will continue its sustainability journey through the promotion of ESG.