Communication with Stakeholders


Advantest implements the following types of communication with stakeholders.

Main stakeholders Main communication methods
Shareholders and investors Shareholders' meetings, business reports, and interim reports
Financial results and quarterly/annual financial securities reports
Corporate governance reports
Dissemination of information via the sustainability report
Quarterly briefings for institutional investors and analysts on the same day of earnings announcement
Individual meetings with major domestic and overseas institutional investors
Individual meetings with major domestic and overseas shareholders
Customers CSR questionnaire
User group meetings (VOICE)
Exhibitions (SEMICON, etc.)
Suppliers CSR questionnaire
Suppliers New Year Meeting
Suppliers Reception
QCD Cooperate Forum
Employees Labor-management negotiations

Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Shareholders' Meeting

Unlike the Shareholders' Meetings held up to this point, the 78th ordinary general meeting of shareholders in June 2020 prioritized the safety and security of all shareholders and their families to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading further. All shareholders were requested to wear masks, and temperatures were taken at the entrance. The venue was also changed from last year's and the meeting was held in a large hall to ensure thorough social distancing between seats.
Despite these circumstances, the Shareholders' Meeting is an opportunity to have important engagement with shareholders. Although we requested shareholders to refrain from joining the meeting, we did not restrict admission for those who did come. We actively welcome questions from shareholders, and strive to reply them in a considerate and easy-to-understand manner, endeavoring to help shareholders understand the measures that we are implementing in order to enhance the company's value.

At the Shareholders' Meeting, the following proposals were all approved. Two shareholders asked questions on this term's sales under the impact of the new coronavirus, which were replied by the Chairman.

  • Proposal 1: Election of 8 directors (excluding directors who are audit and supervisory committee members)

    The shareholders resolved to approve, as originally proposed, the election of Yoshiaki Yoshida, Osamu Karatsu, Toshimitsu Urabe, Nicholas Benes, Soichi Tsukakoshi, Atsushi Fujita, Koichi Tsukui and Douglas Lefever, each of whom has since assumed office.
    Osamu Karatsu, Toshimitsu Urabe and Nicholas Benes are outside directors.

  • Proposal 2: Election of 1 director who is audit and supervisory committee member

    The shareholders resolved to approve, as originally proposed, the election of Sayaka Sumida, who has since assumed office.
    Sayaka Sumida is an outside director.

  • Shareholders' Meeting

IR activities

To fulfill the company's duty to demonstrate the company's accountability to our shareholders and investors, and to further increase the level of trust placed in the company, Advantest has formulated the Basic Investor Relations Policy, which summarizes policies related to information disclosure, IR activities and shareholder communication. Based on this policy, we are working to foster more intensive communication with shareholders and investors under the direction of our CEO.
Specifically, we will disclose important information in a timely, fair and appropriate manner to shareholders and investors both in Japan and overseas, and hold a financial information meeting every quarter, during which senior Advantest managers will give presentations. We will also hold individual meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors (around 500 meetings in fiscal 2019), as well as business and technical briefings, in order to swiftly communicate changes and business trends in semiconductor technologies, which are closely related to our business, to the stock market. Advantest is also working to enhance information disclosure on the corporate website.Feedback and opinions received from shareholders and investors is shared at the Board of Directors, and incorporated into our planning for a sustainable level of business development and mid-to-long term enhancement of corporate value.

  • Technical briefing for institutional
    investors and securities analysts held
    in December 2019

Dialog with Suppliers

To help build harmonious relationships with suppliers, Advantest holds an annual NEW Year's reception for valued suppliers, and QCD Forum with suppliers. Besides providing an opportunity for presenting awards that give recognition to suppliers who have made a particularly valuable contribution to Advantest's business, these events also provide an opportunity for the suppliers to exchange their opinions with Advantest's President and Directors.

  • Suppliers New Year Meeting

Dialog with Employees

As opportunities for the dissemination of the President's Message and for dialog with employees, Advantest seeks to engage in communication with employees at the monthly Morning Meetings and Meetings of All Employees which are held at each business location, the New Year Greeting event held in January each year, the Spring Labor Talks which are held each year starting in February, the ceremony to mark the company's founding which is held in July each year, the Central Labor Negotiations which are held in September each year, and various social events, etc.