Environmental Policies

Advantest has established our environmental policies as an entire group and promotes environmental conservation in view of realizing a sustainable society. Based on the ESG Initiatives Basic Policy, Advantest continuously makes efforts to set long-term goals for environmental priority issues through our business. We have clarified KPIs for the three-year period of our second mid-term management plan (MTP2) (2021 to 2023), with the goal of contributing to the climate change mitigation and a decarbonized society.

Please refer to "Materiality and ESG Action Plan" and "Our Activities" for the ESG Action Plan and fiscal 2022 results, respectively.

Environmental policies of the Advantest Group

The Advantest Group contributes to the sustainable development of society through our business activities.
Moreover, we are committed to protecting the environment through climate change countermeasures, preservation of biological diversity, etc. as well as ensuring sustainable use of energy, water resources, etc. All our employees actively engage in the following environmental conservation activities so that our company can earn the trust of society.

  • 1.Promoting Environmental Management
    By maintaining our environmental management system, we promote global environmental conservation efforts that achieve a balance between business activities and environmental concerns.
  • 2.Reduction of Customers' Environmental Burden
    We promote energy conservation, improved recyclability, and the elimination of hazardous substances to provide environmentally friendly products and services that contribute to our customers' reduction of their environmental burdens while considering the life cycle of our products from material procurement to waste disposal.
  • 3.Better Workplace Procedures
    We reform work procedures to continually improve our environmental performance by creating environmentally friendly products.
  • 4.Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Resources
    By being alert to the environmental impact of our business activities, we strive to protect the environment from measures against climate change to the conservation of biodiversity, as well as sustainable use of resources such as energy and water.
  • 5.Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations and Preventing Pollution
    Upholding all environmental laws and regulations and voluntary standards, we protect nature and shield our neighbors from environmental pollution and health hazards caused by chemical substances, waste and other contaminations.