Environmental Education


Basic Stance on Environmental Education

Environmental conservation is the most urgent issue that we face today. Each and every employee needs to always feel that the environment is an issue close to their heart, be thinking about what they can and should do both at work and in the home, and transform these ideas into action.
The Advantest Group regularly implements multiple environmental education programs to increase our employees’ environmental awareness, to provide them with insight into our environmental policies, and to encourage them to continuously engage in environmental conservation activities.

Major Environmental Education Programs

Program name Educational
Training for new employees Environmental awareness education for new employees
General environmental education program Insight into the Advantest Group’s environmental policies and general knowledge on environmental conservation
Education for internal environmental auditors Cultivation and further education of internal environmental auditors
Management of chemical substances Education on the handling and safety management of chemical substances
Capability training for specific tasks Education to maintain and improve the skills that are needed by those engaged in specific tasks such as energy management, pollution control and waste management.

General Environmental Education

The Advantest Group provides an online general environmental education program with the aim of encouraging all of our employees to continuously engage in environmental conservation activities.
The materials for the general environmental educational program explain five initiatives and their environmental benefits based on our environmental policies. We are also committed to cultivating our employees’ environmental awareness by including SDG-related content and trending topics such as the issue of ocean plastic pollution. The final section of the materials includes multiple questions on the learning content that are designed assess employees’ understandings. The participation rate is high every year—we achieved 99.1% attendance in FY2020.

General Environmental Education Initiatives Examples of educational materials
1. Promotion of environmental management
2. Reduction of customers' environmental burden
3. Better Workplace Procedures
4. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Resources
5. Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations and Preventing Pollution
Long-term and global efforts

Participation in General Environmental Education for fiscal 2020

  Target employees Number of participants Participation ratio (%)
Japan 2,681 2,681 100
Overseas 2,728 2,682 98.3
Overall 5,409 5,363 99.1

Global Educational Activities on Our Internal Social Networking Platform "My LIFE. ON."

In November 2020, we updated our internal social networking platform and expanded it internationally under the name "My LIFE. ON."
This social networking platform enables our employees to enjoy contributing to the SDGs by posting activities that are beneficial for people, the environment, and society as well as to "like" posts and comment to demonstrate their support for such activities.

Each day, our employees around the world post their initiatives for society and the environment, such as using tumblers instead of plastic bottles and becoming UNICEF supporters. The average number of daily views exceeds 200.

Through "My LIFE. ON." Advantest aims to build an SDGs-oriented community, where we will implement global educational activities to encourage our employees to contribute to the environment and to society.

  • Internal social network "My LIFE. ON."