Environmental Education

Basic Stance on Environmental Education

The Advantest Group believes that it is essential for our employees to hold the following two matters in mind when tackling environmental issues:

  1. Each and every employee needs to always feel that the environment is an issue close to their heart; and
  2. Think about what they can and should do both at work and in the home, and transform these ideas into action.

The Advantest Group addresses "1" by implementing general environmental education and promotes awareness-raising activities globally to address "2" by using our in-house social networking platform, "My LIFE. ON.", to provide a place for sharing individual employees' efforts.

Major Environmental Education Programs

Program name Educational
Training for new employees Environmental awareness education for new employees
General environmental education program Insight into the Advantest Group’s environmental policies and general knowledge on environmental conservation
Education for internal environmental auditors Cultivation and further education of internal environmental auditors
Management of chemical substances Education on the handling and safety management of chemical substances
Capability training for specific tasks Education to maintain and improve the skills that are needed by those engaged in specific tasks such as energy management, pollution control and waste management.

General Environmental Education

The Advantest Group provides a general environmental education program globally with the aim of encouraging all of our employees to continuously engage in environmental conservation activities.

The course materials for the general environmental educational program explain five initiatives and their environmental benefits based on our environmental policies. We are also committed to cultivating our employees’ environmental awareness by including SDGs- and climate change-related contents. The final section of the materials includes multiple questions on the learning content that are designed assess employees’ understandings. We achieved 97.0% attendance rate in FY2021.

Participation in General Environmental Education for fiscal 2021

  Target employees Number of participants Participation ratio (%)
Japan 2,741 2,741 100
Overseas 2,802 2,638 94.1
Overall 5,543 5,379 97.0

To further enhance environmental education, we created environmental education videos. From FY2022, we will use these videos to provide a more comprehensive and approachable environmental education for all. In addition, we purchased and installed an interactive digital globe, that reflects real-time Earth data. We will continue to promote environmental education on a global scale through this tool, which not only allows us to learn about global atmospheric temperature changes, but also about the past, present, and future of the Earth.

  • Interactive digital globe

Global Educational Activities on Our Internal Social Networking Platform "My LIFE. ON."

The Advantest Group runs an internal social networking platform, "My LIFE. ON.". This social networking platform enables our employees to enjoy contributing to the SDGs by posting activities that are beneficial for people, the environment, and society and "liking" and commenting on each other's posts to demonstrate their support for such activities.

Establishment of a Global Promotion System and Encouraging Environment Awareness Events

The Advantest Group has built a global system to encourage employee participation. SDGs promotion members from eight global locations hold online meetings three times a year to report on their own activities and plan and manage joint global events.

Artworks submitted for the Environmental
Painting / Photo Contest by employees' children

In FY2021, the ESG Promotion Office launched an Environmental Painting / Photo Contest to commemorate the "World Environment Day" on June 5. A total of 353 environmental-themed paintings and photographs were submitted by Advantest employees and their families around the world. These artworks were posted on "My LIFE. ON." and were shared among the entire Group. This event helped not only to raise the environmental awareness of our employees, but also to improve communication among peers.

As a result of our active support for employee contribution activities through "My LIFE. ON.", employees around the world have posted many activities related to their environmental and social contributions.

Activity Report on My LIFE. ON. of an Employee Aiming to Make 100 Blood Donations

Since 2020, one employee has continuously posted on My LIFE. ON. about his goal to make 100 blood donations. This activity has received a great response, with about 400 views and more than 50 likes, which brought together many friends who are also conscious of the SDGs.

  • My LIFE. ON. post
  • My LIFE. ON. comment

My LIFE. ON. post/comment screen