Product Recycling

Advantest has been recycling products through Advantest Pre-Owned Solutions Co., Ltd. since January 2022. In response to changes in the business environment, we work with the Field Service Group to respond to a variety of customer requests, with the support for products that have been shipped to the market at the core, until the shipped products are no longer in use.

Recycling is one solution that we provide for customer inquiries for products they no longer need. Currently, recycling is a domestic Japan-only solution, but we will continue consider its global applications and expand our activities.

Basic Stance

It is the Advantest Group's basic policy to take active steps to ensure that the products we sell are reused and recycled after they are retired, and to buy back products that are not expected to be reused so that the resources can be recycled.

Recycling policy

  • 1. Achieve 100% collection of recyclables through manual dismantling.
  • 2. Clarify to whom recycling is to be commissioned, and ensure traceability.
  • 3. Promote the conservation of the global environment in collaboration with customers.
  • 4. Properly dispose of harmful substances.
    (Hazardous substances: mercury relay, ion type smoke detector, internal cooling water, and Fluorinert)

Efforts to Eliminate Plastic

For more than 15 years, Advantest Gunma Factory has used reinforced cardboard packaging to transport our products, such as test systems, contributing to the elimination of plastics and the reduction of waste. In addition, reinforced cardboards are also used for the pallets on which the products are mounted, thus achieving a reduction in plastics.

The cardboard boxes are manufactured in appropriate sizes with the cooperation of our cardboard suppliers, which serve vital roles in providing safe and efficient deliveries. Moreover, the cardboard boxes are about half the weight of the wooden boxes used in the past, not only contributing to reducing CO2 emissions during product delivery but also reducing the burden on employees since they are not just easy to pack, but are also easy to unpack at the shipping destination. A single cardboard packaging material is used only once for transporting a single product, and is recycled based on the rules of the customer.

Results Achieved in Fiscal 2022

In fiscal 2022, there was no recycling result due to the high operating rate of our customers under the tight market environment for semiconductors resulting from the global chip shortage.

Product recycling flow in practice