Product Recycling


Basic Stance

It is the Advantest Group's basic policy to take active steps to ensure that the products we sell are reused and recycled after they are retired, and to buy back products that are not expected to be reused so that the resources can be recycled.

Recycling policy

  • 1. Achieve 100% collection of recyclables through manual dismantling.
  • 2. Clarify to whom recycling is to be commissioned, and ensure traceability.
  • 3. Promote the conservation of the global environment in collaboration with customers.
  • 4. Properly dispose of harmful substances. (Hazardous substances: mercury relay, ion type smoke detector, internal cooling water, and Fluorinert)

Results Achieved in Fiscal 2020

During fiscal 2020, the Group recycled 3 retired products for a total of 48 tons of recycled resources, achieving 100% collection of recyclables. In addition, the Group has established recycling traceability for each discarded product. This was made possible through the cooperation of customers, intermediaries and waste disposal businesses across the country. We will reduce the burden on customers and encourage environmental preservation.

Product recycling flow