Internal Control System

Internal Control System

The internal control system is a framework for directors, executive officers, and employees to discipline themselves, aimed for Advantest to fulfill our social responsibilities and achieve growth. Various initiatives support sound corporate management so as to ensure that no one working at Advantest is engaged in injustice or wrongdoing.

Initiatives for Everyone Working in Advantest

  • Spreading awareness of The Advantest Way to all employees
  • Conducted "Leading with INTEGRITY" workshops for managers worldwide. Promoted support for the exercise of leadership based on the Core Values INTEGRITY.
  • Implemented various e-learning programs once a year (education related to The Advantest Way, compliance education, information security education, etc.)

Please refer to "Initiatives to Promote Ethical Business Practices" for details.

Initiatives for Business Execution

  • In accordance with the Regulations of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors is responsible for management decision-making and supervision.
  • Executive officers and employees shall perform their duties in accordance with the global organization and Global Authorization Statement.
  • The Executive Management Committee shall be the decision-making body for important business execution matters.
  • Help line contact points shall be established in Japan and overseas and thoroughly inform employees of its existence.
    Please refer to "Reporting and Consultation Framework (Whistleblower Office) for Human Rights Issues" for details.

Cross-organizational Initiatives

  • The Internal Control Committee shall check the status of autonomous risk management in each Unit, the responses to company-wide risks, and shall report to the Board of Directors.
  • The Disclosure Committee shall supervise and ensure appropriate disclosure and shall report to the Board of Directors.
  • The Risk Management Group shall be responsible for emergency responses during floods and pandemic.
  • The Health and Safety Committee shall promote the prevention of occupational accidents and injuries, create of a comfortable working environment, and promote employee health.
  • The Global Information Security Committee shall consider and implement measures to protect personal information and prevent leakage of confidential documents, and shall maintain and improve the security of our IT systems.

Please refer to "Risk Management System" and "Information Security" for details.

Non-executive Initiatives

  • The Audit and Supervisory Committee shall ensure appropriate business operations by understanding important matters and cooperation with the audit (accounting and internal audit) departments.

Please refer to "Audit and Supervisory Committee" for details.

Initiatives for Group Governance

  • Establishes and operates a homogeneous internal control system in each company of the Advantest Group for performance evaluation based on consolidated financial results.
  • The Auditing Group shall conduct internal audits of subsidiaries and report the audit results to the President and Chief Executive Officer, the Audit and Supervisory Committee, and the Board of Directors.

Please refer to the Corporate Governance Report "Matters Related to the Internal Control System."

Risk Management Structure by the Internal Control Committee

Advantest has established an Internal Control Committee in which the Representative Director acts as the chairperson and outside Directors are observers. This committee identifies and analyzes significant risks for the whole company, and clarifies the responsible department and procedures for responding to each risk. Regarding the Internal Control System, the execution status of implementation of the system to ensure the appropriateness of business is reported directly to the Board of Directors once a year. Furthermore, if a material weakness is found in the internal control system development and operating status and the internal control evaluation process, it is reported to the Board of Directors.

Please refer to "Risk Management System" for details.