Risk Management System

Approach to risk management

Because more than 90% of Advantest sales depend on overseas markets, we must implement risk management across multiple countries and regions. We believe that the key to quick response is a management system that addresses risks both top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.

Risk management system and organization

At Advantest, each unit carries out risk management under the risk control policy designated by the Internal Control Committee, and the Internal Control Committee supervises and assesses the statuses of each unit before offering feedback.

Likewise, risks related to information disclosure are sent to the Disclosure Committee, while risks related to compliance are compiled by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). Emergency response is allocated to the Risk Management Group, whereas climate change risks are allocated to the Sustainable Management Promotion Working Group. In addition, trade issues such as the US-China trade war is dealt by the US-China Trade Compliance Project, a global organization within the Company.

Risk management system and organization

The Risk Management section of our Sustainability Data Book introduces the activities of the Sustainable Management Promotion Working Group and the Risk Management Group.